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Ride with Sven Nys and Jens Voigt at Trek CX Cup this September

Sven Nys and Jens Voigt at Trek CX Cup

Trek has added two unique ‘Pros vs Joes’ racing opportunities for amateur athletes competing at the 2017 Trek CX Cup – the Lakefront Brewery Legends Race featuring Sven Nys and Jens Voigt on 22nd and 23rd September. After the dust has settled from the amateur races on Friday and Saturday night, the former pros will suit up to try their hand against a hoard of costumed cyclocross athletes.

While all athletes are encouraged to race in the costume of their choice, creative attire is not required to compete in the Lakefront Brewery Legends Race. However, all racer’s starting places will be determined by the quality of their costume.

Sven Nys, ‘the greatest cyclocross racer the world has ever known’, will put his retirement on hold during the evening of Friday 22 September to race all those brave enough to toe the line against him. Saturday night’s instalment will then feature the cyclocross debut of one of cycling’s most beloved figures, Jens Voigt. Revered for his audacious racing style, Voigt’s bike handling skills will be on full display as the affable racer attempts what is sure to be a memorable debut in an entirely new discipline.

“I have been calling Sven for advice almost every day,” future Masters 45+ Cat 4 competitor Voigt said. “Not so much about cyclocross, but I have many ideas about my costume and he has some really good feedback. Cyclocross has a lot of appeal for me. It’s an hour. I’m good for an hour.”

The cost of each race entry is US$15 and includes a commemorative pint glass and post-race Lakefront Brewery beer. Registration for these once-in-a-lifetime racing experiences is open now.

With over 1,000 racers committed to the 2017 Trek CX Cup, this year’s edition is set to be the biggest in the event’s history and racers are encouraged to register early to guarantee their spot. The weekend culminates at 14:00 CT with the inaugural Telenet UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup Waterloo. In addition to a full slate of amateur racing and The Lakefront Brewery Legends Race, Trek has ensured that World Cup Waterloo will be the first World Cup in history to offer equal payouts for the men’s and women’s fields.




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