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On the road to a blood collection device, Drawbridge Health & Thorne collaborate

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Drawbridge Health and Thorne Research have announced a strategic collaboration to ‘enable wellness testing, anytime and anywhere, in the health and wellness market’. The collaboration will provide Thorne Research and its subsidiary WellnessFX access to Drawbridge Health’s proprietary technology solution to integrate blood draw, collection and sample stabilization into a single device.

Through the collaboration agreement, the companies will partner to develop solutions for improving the blood collection experience for health and wellness customers.

Thorne Research and WellnessFX provide health diagnostics technology platforms to their healthcare consumers – enabling them to take control of their well-being.

Drawbridge Health is developing a ‘simple, comfortable and convenient blood draw solution with the goal of broadening the availability and access to diagnostic testing and providing a convenient way to monitor overall health’. Drawbridge intends to seek US FDA clearance for the blood collection system.

Under the terms of the agreement, Thorne Research will receive exclusive rights to distribute and commercialize future Drawbridge Health products within the US health and wellness industry. In exchange for these rights, Thorne Research has agreed to a multimillion dollar investment into Drawbridge Health; and Paul Jacobson, CEO of Thorne Research, joins the Drawbridge Board of Directors.

“We are extremely excited about bringing this game-changing blood collection technology to our customers,” said Paul Jacobson. “The blood draw experience has long been the Achilles’ heel in the health and wellness market and we believe the Drawbridge solution has the potential to both improve the customer experience and provide health insights to more patients than ever before.”

“Our strategic collaboration with Thorne brings tremendous value and validation to the Drawbridge platform,” said Lee McCracken, CEO of Drawbridge Health. “Partnering with a proven leader in the health and wellness industry opens the door to significant opportunities within this important and rapidly growing market segment. We certainly welcome the addition of Paul Jacobson to our Board.”

Drawbridge Health is focused on ‘enabling personal diagnostic testing – anytime, anywhere’. By integrating engineering and proprietary chemistries, Drawbridge is developing what is being billed as a people-friendly system for collecting and stabilizing blood samples, opening new doors to enable access to important health information.




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