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Road ID identifies SMACK! Media as strategic marketing partner

Road ID products

Road ID, a leading provider of wearable ID products, has selected SMACK! Media to help plan and implement strategic marketing, content creation, public relations and family-oriented campaigns in 2017.

Road ID started in 1999 when father-son duo, Mike and Edward Wimmer, realized people needed a way to be easily identified when participating in outdoor activities like running or cycling. Since the company’s inception, Road ID has received… ‘countless thank you letters and emails from customers who have used Road ID to feel empowered and safe while doing the things they love, from cycling and running, to hiking, traveling, and even dropping their kids off at summer camp.’

Made popular by professional and amateur endurance athletes including Levi Leipheimer, Craig Alexander and Dean Karnazes, Road ID now offers a wide variety of ID products for the wrist, neck, ankle, shoe, fitness trackers, and even pets. The company’sr main initiative for 2017 will be IDs for children.

Road IDs are fully customizable with personal information, such as name, contact numbers, medications and allergies, and they are available in a wide range of band colours and ID finishes.

“We are excited to partner with SMACK! Media to promote Road ID’s story and mission of safety,” said Edward Wimmer, Co-Owner of Road ID. “SMACK! Media Founder, Elisette Carlson, has been a long-time wearer of Road ID and together with her team’s skill set, passion and deep connections in the world of sports, health and fitness, they are a natural fit for us.”

“We are a team of athletes and adventurers at SMACK! Media and very much understand the importance of feeling empowered and protected on the roads, trails, and in everyday life,” said Elisette ‘Eli’ Carlson. “I’ve witnessed first-hand how Road ID can speak for someone during an emergency, and believe that Road ID should be worn by everyone, beyond just athletes. I’m personally more at ease when my kids wear their Road ID in crowded public places or at their afternoon activities.

“We’re excited to help this authentic company spread their products and message to wider audiences that include children, adventurers, travellers, and just about anyone on the go.”




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