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Route and video functionality via Xplova X5 Smart-Bike Computer

Xplova X5

Xplova has recently been showcasing its X5 Smart-Bike Computer at the Taipei Bike Show, to outline some unique features and a challenge for users to put their skills to the test. The Xplova X5, billed as the cycling industry’s first computer with video recording capabilities, now benefits from advanced new functionality thanks to a recent software upgrade.

The ‘Challenge And Win A Prize’ competition, running for the length of the Taipei Bike Show (22-25 March), encourages visitors to explore the Xplova X5 Smart-Bike Computer, with plenty of prizes up for grabs. The challenge aims to highlight to users all the ‘key features that make this innovative device stand out from the crowd’. The following elements have been enhanced and are now available to Xplova X5 users…

Challenge me
Riders can now compare their performance on current rides with previous rides on the same route, in real-time.

Off-course route guidance
Riders who go off course when using the Xplova X5 to navigate a route will now be automatically directed back to the route they were following by a helpful arrow shown on screen.

Additional video recording features
Riders can now record a video after a predetermined distance – for example half way through a ride, or before a route is scheduled to finish. Smart videos can be triggered once riders approach these set-up SmartSigns or end points such as view-points or cafes. Riders simply set up a distance to the point to trigger the video recording feature.

The Xplova X5 was launched in autumn 2016. Its key features include:

  • Smart Video Camera: a wide-angle video camera records moments on the road or trail.
  • Automatically captured video clips of scenery based on pre-determined parameters such as speed, heart rate, GPS coordinates and even unique points of interest.
  • High-quality videos are recorded at 720p resolution and a transflective colour screen provides viewing even in direct sunlight.
  • Live Tracking: live GPS tracking allows riders to keep sight of their friends while still pursuing individual or pack challenges.
  • SmartSign Guidance syncs and stores riders’ favourite routes directly on Xplova.com. This allows the creation of detailed journeys and training plans with unique points of interest saved in the cloud and played back on the X5 cycling computer.
  • Dynamic Dashboard Interface: the Xplova X5 acts as a live dashboard that presents a rider’s performance data in real-time via ANT+. It displays the metrics that riders need at a quick glance: cycling speed, heart rate, cadence and power.

Xplova is a manufacturer of premium outdoor cycling computers. Founded in 2008 by a group of biking and outdoor enthusiasts, it is now headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Xplova products are marketed worldwide, and ‘combine state-of-the-art design with intuitive software applications, comprehensive map packages and a community portal for the management and sharing of data.’




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