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Salvador in Brazil is latest destination for expanding Challenge Family series

Challenge Salvador banner

Challenge Family’s latest event destination is Challenge Salvador, set in the capital of Brazil’s north-eastern state of Bahia. The new race, and its ‘side events for the entire family’, will take place across the weekend of 20-21 October 2018. The middle-distance event is supported by the local government via the tourism company of Salvador (Saultur), the Municipal Secretary of Sports and Leisure (Semtel), and the Triathlon Federation of Bahia (FebaTri). The new event will aim to reinforce the sport calendar of the city, and make Salvador an important destination of sports tourism in Brazil.

It has been a busy few weeks for Challenge Family. The company’s qualifier event, The Championship 2018, is now being planned with a variety of ‘entertaining and innovative side events’ that will be showcased at the flagship race in Samorin, Slovakia next year. Meanwhile, Challenge Family recently confirmed its re-entry into the US endurance sport market, with the launch of Challenge Daytona. This middle-distance triathlon and accompanying triathlon festival will take place at the iconic Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida on 8-9 December 2018.

In Brazil, Challenge Family has been organizing events for three years, with its triathlon series and run races. Challenge Family has more than 40 events around the world. In Brazil, there are now four: Cerrado, Florianópolis, Itaipu, and the newest Salvador. The organisation expects to receive around a thousand athletes in Salvador next October, from at least 10 different countries, including Italy, Germany and Argentina.

The middle distance triathlon is the main event, but as in the other Challenge Family races in Brazil there are other side events happening across four days around the Challenge Salvador race weekend. These are ‘dedicated for women, children and for triathlete newbies’.

ACM Neto, the mayor of Salvador, believes that the attraction of sports events, such as Challenge Family events, is essential for the formation of Salvador as a sport events city. “We have a great potential of consumers, when the subject is sports. We have a great landscape for the population to practice many different sports, and Challenge Family arrives at a great moment.”

The President of Saltur, Isaac Edington, added that “Receiving this event is part of our strategy to enhance our position in terms of a important destination of sports in the country.”

Walter Kraus, President of FeBATri, said “Challenge Family is a true festival that overcomes the conceptions of common competitions. The event is a true contemplation to sport and especially because it involves activities for the entire family to be part of.”

According to the Municipal Secretary of Sports and Leisure (Semtel), Geraldo Júnior, associating sport events with the attraction of tourism and the economic and social development of the city is a key objective. He stated, “We know that Salvador is a one of a kind city in terms of the natural resources and the cultural aspect, and we have a great ability to carry out major sports competitions with the potential to further increase the city’s tourist movement.”

The organization and planning for the event has already begun. “Salvador has all the conditions to receive the event with all the competence and organisation that is demanded of a competition like this,” said Transalvador’s Fabrizzio Muller. “We have expertise in achievements of this magnitude and we are recognised worldwide for this, like the Carnival, the World Cup, among others. I’m sure it will be one of the best organised [events] Challenge Family has in the world.”




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