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Science of Speed invites athletes to Seize the Summer

Science of Speed logo

Performance testing and endurance coaching company, Science of Speed, has unveiled a new look for its brand with the launch of a new website and a ‘Seize the Summer’ campaign. As Science of Speed makes a transition to its new aesthetic, the company notes that athletes ‘can enjoy special savings throughout the summer with limited time offers on coaching packages.’

New athletes can opt to enjoy a free month when they sign on for six months of coaching services. They can also enjoy two free months of coaching when they purchase a power meter. For more information about these offers, consumers can visit the new Science of Speed website.

Throughout the summer, followers and fans of Science of Speed on social media can expect to see content focused on what to expect from professional custom coaching, and how to make the most of their training with the help of their coach.

Science of Speed invites athletes to Seize the Summer

Since 2011, Science of Speed notes that it has remained dedicated to helping clients, from novice to elite athletes, reach their goals. With a mix of high quality testing equipment and sport-specific expertise, Science of Speed coaches develop static and custom training programs ‘based on sound and a proven training philosophies’.

Science of Speed is a performance testing and endurance coaching company in Tallahassee, Florida, and serving athletes across the United States. The company adds that it is ‘dedicated to helping our clients, from recreational to elite athletes, reach their maximum potential… We are capable of achieving this through the most accurate results from the highest quality testing equipment, as well as custom training programs based on a sound and proven training philosophy.’




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