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SCOTT Foil gets disc brakes for 2018

Scott Foil Disc 2018

The new SCOTT Foil Disc combines light weight, aerodynamics, pedalling efficiency and now also control – with the company making a push into the disc brake sub-category. The Foil was originally introduced in 2010. Following an upgrade unveiled in 2015, it became the first aero road bike to win Paris-Roubaix, in 2016.

Over the years, the SCOTT Foil has evolved to become, what the company calls ‘the most complete road bike on the market’. For 2018, SCOTT recognised that there was one thing that was not up to date: its braking system. After launching the Addict last year with disc brakes, SCOTT felt it was time to take a similar step with its flagship road bike.

A release from the company explained…

At SCOTT we strongly believe that disc brakes not only provide more safety, but also provide a new way to win seconds and as a result, more possibilities to decide a race. The superior control of disc brakes allows riders to trust their bike in all weather conditions and more importantly the possibility to keep their speed until the last possible moment. The disc version has the same well-proven lightweight and aero frame as its rim brake version and is still amongst the lightest aero bikes on the market.

In order to minimize air drag and to optimize performance in cross winds the fork has been completely redesigned. A one piece construction allows for a lightweight fork with increased stiffness. The fork has been redesigned to manage the asymmetrical forces of disc brakes and to enable airflow around the brakes. Internal brake cable routing and ample enough tyre clearance to accommodate up to 30C tyres complete the new fork.

Weighing in at 985g – SCOTT’s Foil disc sets an impressive benchmark for aero bikes with disc brakes. The Disc version’s frame weighs only 20g more than the rim brake version, which makes it ‘the lightest disc specific aero bike on the market’.




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