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Sigma gets Fundamental with Myotest Running Library for wearables

Myotest product splash

Myotest, a pioneer in biomechanics-based smart coaching, has entered into a multi-year licence agreement with accessories specialist Sigma Sport in Germany. In a first stage of this collaboration, Sigma Sport will standardize on Myotest’s Fundamental Running Library for its entry level running products including running computers, sports watches and activity trackers.

“Sigma Sport is the perfect partner to bring our solutions into the running wearable market,” said Myotest CEO Christophe Ramstein. “They are a true pioneer and innovator in developing new technologies, seizing on the latest trends, and setting design standards in the sports world. Today’s announcement marks a first step in what will certainly be a great partnership to introduce new innovations to the running world.”

“Known as a leader in bringing new technologies to the cycling world, Sigma Sport entered the activity tracking market with our ACTIVO product in 2015,” said Frank Sirringhaus, Managing Director at Sigma Sport. “We evaluated several technologies to form the basis of our upcoming product line and discovered that Myotest is in a class by itself.”

He continued, “We chose Myotest because of their accuracy and reliability in their Fundamental library, and their ability to deliver innovation in biomechanics and smart coaching.”

Myotest provides personalized smart training software and services for runners to achieve their performance goals and to improve their efficiency based on their own unique physiology. Leading running brands embed Myotest software in their products to collect, analyze and deliver real-time coaching based on an individual runner’s biomechanics data.

Founded in 2004, the company is a precursor in biomechanics-based smart coaching for over 20,000 professional athletes. The Myotest patent portfolio includes more than 60 issued and pending patents.




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