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SOLAIR ‘Trans-bronzing bike jersey’ from EKOÏ

EKOI SOLAIR bike jersey

With the aim of overcoming the harmful effects of the sun and at the same time limiting the ‘unflattering tan marks well known to cyclists’, apparel and accessories specialist, EKOI? has unveiled SOLAIR. The new apparel is billed as ‘the first trans-bronzing cycling jersey’ and is available exclusively on the brand’s website.

EKOI?’s ‘tan through bike jersey’ is all about reducing tan lines. EKOI? uses a patented fabric technology from SunSelect Textiles. These fabrics are created and manufactured in the Netherlands. The patented technology works by allowing the tanning UV-A rays through to the skin and filters out most of the dangerous UV-B rays.

EKOI? adds that its SOLAIR jersey offers a ‘unique, high quality, and attractive bike wear that lets sunlight through and protects the skin like a medium level sunscreen.’ Those prone to sunburn and/or with very fair skin need to apply an additional sun screen before putting on the shirt in order to be better protected.


  • 81% special polyester and 19% Lycra
  • Full zip, 3 back pockets
  • Regular fit
  • 5 sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • 3 colours: red, green, blue
  • RRP £90




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