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SOUL Electronics debuts FLEX 2 ‘affordable sport earphones’

SOUL Electronics debuts FLEX 2 earphones

SOUL Electronics, a specialist in consumer audio designed for the active and fitness-oriented lifestyle, has unviled the FLEX sport earphones that ‘provide users with a secure and comfortable fit for all types of workouts’. The sweat-proof earphones feature two interchangeable ear pieces, a hook and lock design and over-ear fit targeted at every workout style, and feature a microphone for hands free calls and a remote to control playlists.

Equipped with dynamic drivers, 9.2mm speaker diameter and neodymium magnets for a balanced and powerful sound, the FLEX 2 earphones are designed to provide quality sound during the most strenuous workouts. The FLEX 2 includes a carrying pouch and four ear tips for a secure and comfortable fit. Available in black, blue and red, FLEX 2 retails for US$29.99.

“We take pride in offering our customers sport earphones with the latest designs at an affordable price, which is embodied in the FLEX 2,” said Kevin So, CEO at SOUL Electronics. “By offering a set of earphones that can be worn in several ways, we hope to combat and enhance the dreaded gym experience of having your earphones pop out of your ears mid-workout.”




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