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Strava data reveals running in a group motivates you to run further and faster

Parkrun - image credit Andy Waterman

Strava, the social network for athletes, has revealed that running as part of a group inspires runners to run faster and for longer distances. The data from Strava analysed 90 million runs from around the globe over the course of a year.

It showed that the average pace of a solo run uploaded to Strava was 9:31 min/mile (5:55 min/km) compared with a group run (classed as two or more people) which came in at 9:24 min/mile (5:50 min/km). The average length of a solo run was 5 miles (8km), whilst the group run was recorded as 6.3 miles (10.1km).

The data for UK Strava runners reveals the same story. From 18 million runs from British runners it shows that runs recorded in a group were on average 5 seconds faster per mile and just under one mile (18%) further than solo runs.

Having renewed its partnership with parkrun and announcing new partnerships with The Great Run Company and last week’s Night of the 10,000m PBs, Strava is aiming to bring communities from some of the UK’s largest running events together, as well as providing new and unique data insights from UK runners.

To date, there are over 800 parkrun clubs on Strava – a social feature on Strava where members can see a parkrun route, view weekly leaderboards, connect with fellow local parkrunners and start discussions. The Strava Club also allows parkrunners to analyse their performance on specific segments of their parkrun, track their progress and improve through its training tools.

Gareth Mills, Strava UK Country Manager said of the partnerships, “The astounding growth of parkrun, the long-running success of the SimplyHealth Great North Run plus the refreshed image of competitive running provided by Night of the 10,000m PBs all demonstrate the nation’s thriving appetite for running.

“Running is seen not only as a means of improving fitness and testing performance but also as a way of socialising and interacting with the local running community – these are the principles on which Strava’s social network was built. Through supporting these iconic running events and their organisers, Strava is able to offer a platform for members of the running community to interact and encourage each other to meet their event based goals and unlock their potential.”




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