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Strava getting more social: athlete posts and social sharing expansion on the way

Strava athlete posts - UK Ride

Strava has unveiled athlete posts, ‘a way to create and share content on the social network for athletes’. 36 selected Strava athletes from around the world will get to use the new feature first, and will have the ability to post stories, photos, questions, gear tips, race reports, recommendations and workouts – in addition to shared activities.

The 36 include some notable athletes in the Strava community such as Susie Chan, Rich Mitch, Kelly Roberts, Lauren Fleshman and James Lawrence. According to Strava, this is another step towards it ‘becoming the place where athletes can have everything they love about their sport in one app’.

Athlete posts will be available to the entire Strava community later this summer, giving athletes the freedom to share more about their active lives and, for the first time, enjoy a variety of athletic content from the people they follow. Strava adds that athletes will soon have a comprehensive home for the content they love most: one place to learn more about other athletes, get inspired by each other’s posts, share useful tips and articles and discuss relevant topics with other athletes.

“Strava is a place where athletes come to connect with each other, share their experiences and learn from one another,” says Aaron Forth, Chief Product Officer at Strava. “And until now, those connections have been based entirely on athletic activities. Our opportunity is to help athletes have conversations beyond their daily activities, sharing everything from favourite gear to injury recovery tips to travel recommendations.

“To open up those conversations, we are introducing the ability for members to post new types of content. Ultimately, when you want to engage with friends who share your passion for all things running, cycling, swimming, hiking, or any other sport, Strava is the place to do it.”




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