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Strava Gym and Studio Sync broadens athletic options with five new partner integrations

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Strava has introduced Gym and Studio Sync, the newest integration for the ‘social network for athletes’ that lets athletes share all their workouts in one place, discover new gyms, studios and fitness routines, and get credit and social motivation for everything they do.

The company adds that these new partnerships with a number of leaders in the gym, fitness and boutique studio categories make it easy to share a variety of new activities and stay motivated on Strava. Athletes can currently log 31 different activities on Strava, including a range of sports such as running, cycling, skiing, rowing and rock climbing, among others. Strava’s Gym and Studio Sync program expands the social network even further into a place where ‘athletes can house more of their entire athletic lives’.

Strava’s newest partners include:

  • Flywheel Sports is a leading boutique fitness brand that provides results-driven indoor cycling and barre class at 42 studios across the United States. As part of the integration, athletes can track and share class stats to their digital profile on Strava. Flywheel cycling classes shared to Strava feature class name, time, distance, average speed and Flywheel’s proprietary Power Score metric. For a limited time, Flywheel will offer Strava members three classes for US$36 at any of its US studios.
  • Life Time is a chain of 127 fitness centres in 27 states in the US and Canada. Athletes can share three types of indoor cycling workouts to Strava: the EDG, AMP and PWR classes offered at Life Time’s locations across the US. Life Time classes shared to Strava include a variety of performance stats, including distance, time, average weighted power, average speed, max speed, total work, training load and intensity.
  • LiveRowing is a mobile app for the Concept2 rowing machine. After completing a guided LiveRowing workout in the comfort of their home or local gym, athletes can upload their workout directly to Strava, which includes total distance, time, average pace per 500m and stroke rate.
  • Expresso is a brand of indoor bikes spanning 3,000 gyms and universities that allow athletes to take indoor cycling classes on their own terms. Riders can share studio cycling, road cycling and high intensity interval training (HIIT) gaming workouts directly to Strava.
  • Fitbod is an app that provides personalized strength training workouts to over 200,000 subscribers. Fitbod workouts shared to Strava will include the muscle groups targeted, exercises performed, total calories burned and total pounds lifted. For a limited time, athletes who connect their Fitbod account to Strava will receive 14% off Fitbod Elite.

“Sports and exercise are integral to the lives of Strava community members, with 76% of them doing activities beyond running or cycling more than three times per week,” says James Quarles, Strava CEO. “We want to make it easier for them to share all of those workouts on Strava. Whether you’re sweating inside or outdoors, it’s more fun and motivating when you share your progress with a community who is also active. Plus, uploading these new partner experiences enable you and your friends and followers to discover new ways to work out.”

“At Flywheel, we are fuelled by our community of performance-focused athletes; those who are engaged, connected and empowered to challenge themselves and others,” said Flywheel CEO Sarah Robb O’Hagan. “We are thrilled to partner with a like-minded brand like Strava to bring our integrated offering to athletes everywhere and enable them to achieve more of their fitness goals.”

Last year Strava announced a partnership with Peloton, which now draws more than 14,000 Peloton activities a week from Strava athletes who have connected their Peloton accounts with Strava.

Strava aims to makes it easy to connect and engage with other athletes. Strava works with more than 100 GPS devices and a host of connected fitness platforms such as gyms, studios and apps. Users can download Strava for iOS or Android and upgrade to Strava Premium to access advanced features.




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