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Swimrun goes alpine at ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Engadin this July

OTILLO SWIMRUN ENGADIN 2016 - photo credit Jakob Edholm

With a race course held in the heart of the Swiss Alps, the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Engadin event is seen as one of the most original swimrun races on the ÖTILLÖ World Series schedule. Demanding vertical climbs, glacial cold alpine lakes and mountain trails will be on the agenda for the 46 km ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Engadin race on Sunday 9 July.

Being the first swimrun race organised outside of Scandinavia, in 2014, its fourth edition is sold out with 180 teams of two from 27 different nationalities registered. For the shorter 17 km race on Saturday 8 July, 55 teams from 15 different nationalities will take part.

For the fourth stop of the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series, the 46 km scenic but gruelling race course at ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Engadin consists of 40 km of mountain trail running and 6 km swimming in the cold alpine lakes. There are eight different swim sections, meaning 16 changes between running and swimming. Added to the challenge there is a total vertical climb of 1,570 metres.

The highest swim is at 1,900 metres, and racing at higher altitude will test every athlete. The organising team add that warm weather and cold water should also be an important factor to handle with respect.

‘Despite its tough profile, the race course scenery couldn’t be more idyllic, with emerald blue lakes, cows grazing in flowery fields, snowy white mountain tops and picturesque alpine villages. A true treat for every racer!’

All the 500 competitors during the weekend (world series event and sprint race) are taking part to experience the spirit of swimrun: ‘team spirit – always racing in teams of two, respecting nature – leaving only footprints, and spending a great time outdoors.’

Eight top teams at ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Engadin qualify to the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Championship 2017, on 4 September 2017 in the Stockholm Archipelago: top 3 men, top 3 mixed, top 2 women.

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series 2017. Six qualifying races to ÖTILLÖ:

  • ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Hvar, Croatia, 2 April 2017 (first edition)
  • ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Utö, Sweden, 28 May
  • ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Isles of Scilly, UK, 17 June
  • ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Engadin, Switzerland, 9 July
  • ÖTILLÖ Swimrun 1000 Lakes, Germany, 1 October (qualifier to ÖTILLÖ 2018)
  • ÖTILLÖ Swimrun XX – event to be officially confirmed, November (qualifier to ÖTILLÖ 2018, and a new first edition)

At each ÖTILLÖ World Series event a sprint race is organised the previous day.




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