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Team players: MP brand expands swimwear line to swim teams

MP Team Line swimmers

Building on the MP brand of competitive swim gear and training equipment created by Aqua Sphere and Michael Phelps, the most decorated swimmer of all-time, the range has been expanded. The latest MP brand offering includes ‘technologically-advanced performance-enhancing racing and training suits designed for swimming clubs and school teams’, which according to Aqua Sphere ‘effectively [serves] the next generation of competitive swimmers.’

“A suit isn’t going to make you a champion in and of itself, but when you race in a suit that is designed for optimum performance and makes you feel faster and stronger, that can be a competitive edge that makes a difference,” said Michael Phelps.

“I hope that wearing MP Team suits will give these up and coming competitive swimmers that extra boost of confidence and motivation to work hard for their team and for themselves, to really go after their dreams.”

Available to buy from January 2018, the MP Team line of swimsuits is a complementary extension of the existing MP range which includes XCEED goggles, XPRESSO competitive racing suits and a range of training gear. Aqua Sphere adds that ‘the MP brand represents Phelps’ mission to change the sport of swimming by offering high-quality products that help swimmers to reach peak performance.’

All MP Team line swimsuits are made from durable, chlorine- and sun-resistant Aqua Infinity fabric:

  • Made in Italy
  • 100% polyester (53% polyester/47% PBT)
  • UPF 50+
  • Fabric elasticity remains for 200+ hours of pool life

The line is available in men’s briefs and jammers, and in various strap and back option one-piece suits for women. Each suit is available in a choice of best-selling team colours – either as single shades, splice patterns or in unique prints inspired by Phelps’ new home in Arizona, USA. The line is available to buy from proswimwear.co.uk and other leading swim retailers from January 2018.




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