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The Dunes X-Trail: final race in Namibia’s Standard Bank Xtrail Series

Dune running at sunset - photo OTB Sport

The final Standard Bank Xtrail – The Dunes – in Namibia’s Standard Bank Trail running series will take place this Saturday 30 September in Swakopmund – the coastal city, west of the Namibian capital, Windhoek.

The race starts at 08:30 local time; and the organising team at OTB Sport note that ‘the run is unique and will take participants into the Dunes of the Dorab National Park.’ The Ministry of Enviroment together with tour operators working in the area have worked hard to rehabilitated this delicate environment, and have granted a special permit to run the dunes.

The race will start and finish at Tigers Reef Beach Bar. Participants can choose between an 8km or 15.5km distance.

A spokesperson at OTB Sport said “It is vital that the runners and walkers stay on the designated routes and marked trail. The dunes are alive with life; and running off tracks, especially on the gravel plains, will ruin the ecosystem and the pristine landscape. Although one thinks of the dunes as pure sand, much of the running is on the flat and hard gravel planes that run in between the dunes.

‘The sheer dunes are on either side of you. A practice run of the 15.5km route required de-loading of sand from the shoes on three occasions. Those who have the fastest sand removal technique might just win the race!”

Late entries for the Dunes Xtrail will be available at WagaWaga/Cafe Treff, Swakopmund on Friday from 16:00-19:00. OTB Sport expects a fast and competitive race, with about 250 entries to date. Runners compete not only for the podium for the Dunes Xtrail but also for overall series positions in the Standard Bank Xtrails.




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