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The Sufferfest confirms officially licensed UK-based cycling team

Sufferlandrian Cycling Team

Sufferlandrians now have an officially-licensed race team in the UK to call their own. ‘Created and run by UK Sufferlandrians for UK Sufferlandrians’, the Sufferlandrian Cycling Team has been granted official team status for 2017 by British Cycling. The Sufferfest notes that ‘Disciples of Grunter von Agony living in exile in the UK can now participate in races and rides under the banner of the mythical nation on the shores of the Great Lactic Acid Sea.’

The team/club gives members the opportunity to connect with other Sufferlandrians through their Facebook page, as well as through local meet-ups. Current club membership is £30 a year, or free with an annual subscription to The Sufferfest Training Centre App. As a release from the Sufferfest points out, ‘membership benefits include: pain, misery, agony, and a 20% discount on Sufferfest gear, including the National Team Kit.’

The Sufferfest is a comprehensive training platform for endurance athletes and fitness enthusiasts, whether at home or in one of the 150 licensed Sufferlandrian Embassies located worldwide. The Sufferfest Training Centre app provides access to 42 structured workouts featuring exclusively-licensed footage from the world’s biggest races, as well as yoga videos, training plans developed by world-class coaches, and the ability to connect to a range of fitness devices.




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