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The Sufferfest partners with Performance IQ

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Indoor training specialist The Sufferfest has announced a partnership with Performance IQ, a leader in interactive displays and wireless performance tracking for group indoor fitness applications. Gyms and cycling studios that use Performance IQ can now integrate the platform’s performance tracking and display features with the complete library of 39 structured video workouts from The Sufferfest, ‘giving owners the flexibility of running both virtual and instructor-led sessions’.

“When we began looking for a content partner to provide world-class video workouts, The Sufferfest was the obvious choice,” said Tae Yoo, President of Performance IQ. “The integration of The Sufferfest with the Performance IQ system brings the excitement of pro races like the Tour de France, World Championships and Giro d’Italia to indoor cycling studios. Facilities can now offer their members the most engaging, results-oriented workouts out there while providing the advantages of the advanced performance tracking and member engagement that Performance IQ is known for.”

“Our partnership with Performance IQ is a huge benefit to gyms and indoor cycling studios who want to distinguish themselves from their competitors,” said David McQuillen, CEO of The Sufferfest. “When members can track their performance data in real-time, they’re better able to hit their targets and get the fitness results they’re looking for.

“Combining this dynamic display with our massive library of structured, high-intensity interval workouts designed by elite coaches, exclusively-licensed footage from the biggest professional races, our killer soundtracks, and our engaging storylines allows studios to give their members an unparalleled indoor cycling experience.”

The Sufferfest offers a comprehensive training platform for endurance athletes and fitness enthusiasts, whether at home or in one of the 162 licensed ‘Sufferlandrian Embassies’ located worldwide.

The Sufferfest Training System app for MacOS, iOS and Windows provides access to a full library of structured Sufferfest workouts featuring exclusively-licensed footage from the world’s biggest races, as well as yoga videos, a 10-week mental training programme, integrated training plans and the ability to connect to a range of fitness devices.




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