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Total Fitness Nottingham (TFN) has ceased to trade

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As reported by leading UK-based triathlon website, Tri247.com, award-winning Nottingham multisport retailer Total Fitness Nottingham (TFN) has sadly ceased to trade. The report by Tri247.com cites a Facebook post by the TFN team…

Special Announcement:
It is with great sadness we have to announce that yesterday we closed tfn and ceased to trade.
The reasons for this are complex but the changing nature of retail, both in terms of how internet commerce is evolving and now the recent expansion into bricks and mortar triathlon stores by some huge corporate entities has rendered our business model and future expansion plans unsustainable.
The triathlon world has changed a lot since we first opened our doors 21 years ago. We have had some amazing times over the years and would like to thank all our loyal customers who have always stood behind us and supported our endeavors, without them it wouldn’t have been possible at all.
A lot of those customers are now great friends and will hopefully continue to be so.
A huge thank you also to all of our staff over the years, a lot of you will know them and have drunk their tea, they too feel more like family.
Finally a huge thanks to all the brands who have backed us right up-to the end, you know who you are, we wouldn’t have had a business without you. Also all the great events we have always supported. Best of luck to everyone.

Further details, and an added message of thanks & support to TFN from Tri247.com Editor John Levison, can be found on the Tri247.com site.




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