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TOUGHMAN Brazil continues South America expansion


Organized by local event partner Noblu Sports, TOUGHMAN Brazil is this year expanding the TOUGHMAN series in South America. The inaugural race will take place in Paulínia, within the state of São Paulo, on 5 November 2017.

With TOUGHMAN half iron distance races now in Argentina, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Chile, expanding to Brazil was seen as a natural step for the TOUGHMAN brand for 2017. This will give athletes from the South America region, and travelling athletes into the area, an opportunity to race a TOUGHMAN half event in 2017.

The series is now taking place in 19 locations in North and South America – with more locations and more partnerships also set to be announced.

TOUGHMAN Brazil 2017 will qualify athletes for the TOUGHMAN Championship Half NY 2018, among those who secure top spots in the men’s and women’s age groups. The distribution of vacancies will be divided as follows by age group:

TOUGHMAN Brazil, age group qualifier opportunities

TOUGHMAN Brazil 2017 involves: swimming 2 laps of 950m, cycling 5 turns of 18K and running 3 x 7K laps.

With over 10 years of market experience, Noblu Sports is a ‘reference in the sports marketing segment’ and is the local race organiser of TOUGHMAN Brazil. Based in Campinas, São Paulo, Noblu produces events, manages athletes and conducts ‘corporate projects that stimulate and associate the brand of its clients with sport’.

Noblu currently manages more than 20 annual events in various locations across Brazil, such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Fortaleza.

Richard Izzo at TOUGHMAN recently said, “The way forward for all independent brands is to join a brand like us, so that as a unit we can give the athletes a standard, safe, great race experience as well as attract major sponsorships to support each race through our increased leverage.”

He continued, “Having a New York Championship event as the goal for racers to qualify to race makes racing a bit more exciting.”

Over 100 age group qualifiers from each race in the series will receive invitations for the TOUGHMAN Half Iron International Championship on 17 September 2017, where they will compete for a cash purse of US$4950. Athletes in the open division will compete for over US$30,000 worth of awards.




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