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TrainingPeaks Garmin IQ app now available for download

Garmin Connect IQ - TrainingPeaks

Specialist endurance sport training software provider, TrainingPeaks, notes that it ‘constantly strives to make it easier for coaches and athletes to track, analyze, and plan their workouts’. Now, using the new TrainingPeaks Connect IQ app (available in the Garmin Connect IQ store), the company adds that it is now easier to execute workouts with a simple push or swipe of a button.

Instead of relying on memory, pen and paper or a mobile device to remember structured workouts, the Connect IQ app can be loaded onto a compatible Garmin device. Then, when athletes are ready to workout, the device becomes a guide, ‘taking you through every step, pedal or swim stroke’.

“This app makes it easier than ever for athletes to perform their workouts at the right intensity every time,” said Dirk Friel, Co-founder and Chief of Fitness Brands at TrainingPeaks. “In staying in line with our longstanding mission to help athletes and coaches achieve their goals, the Connect IQ app will create a clearer pathway for training specificity.”

With the new TrainingPeaks Connect IQ app, workouts created with the TrainingPeaks Workout Builder can be loaded onto compatible Garmin devices. The app reads the planned workouts from the user’s TrainingPeaks calendar and downloads a .FIT Workout file directly to the device. From there, the built-in workout mode of the Garmin device guides the user through their workout in real time using customized Heart Rate, Power or Pace targets straight from TrainingPeaks. As the company adds… ‘No more incorrect interval intensities, just clear instruction tailored to your individual thresholds and daily workout goals.’

The completed activity data can automatically sync back to TrainingPeaks for a detailed analysis of performance, making it easier to track your progress toward training and racing goals.

The app comes preinstalled on the new Garmin Forerunner 935 watch. The app is also available in the Garmin Connect IQ app store and is compatible with all models of the fēnix 5 series; the Edge 1000, 820, and 520; and the Forerunner 735XT.

“Garmin is excited to partner with TrainingPeaks – providing athletes with a new opportunity to download workouts to several of our running, cycling and triathlon products,” said Matt Bates, Marketing Manager at Garmin. “Pre-installed on the new Forerunner 935, the TrainingPeaks Connect IQ app enables athletes focused on performance and results to utilize their own personal coaches to become better, faster and more efficient come race day.”




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