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Triathlon Training Spain rebrands as Masters of Tri

Masters of Tri logo

Specialist coaching provider Triathlon Training Spain has today unveiled a new brand – Masters of Tri – and a website redesign to relaunch its offering to athletes wishing to specifically focus on training across the triathlon disciplines of cycling, running and swimming.

Masters of Tri, a family-owned business run by father and son team Martin and Matt Hill, delivers a ‘unique triathlon training approach built on three specific steps, which have proved to be extremely successful over their 30+ years, working with athletes, from beginners to professionals.’

These three steps put forward by Masters of Tri are:

  • Assess – each athlete is individually assessed by the coaches so they fully understand their abilities using various tools. The assessment continues throughout the duration of the camp.
  • Advise – Masters of Tri coaches will accurately and scientifically advise athletes during each camp on areas of development and improvement.
  • Accelerate – small changes in the way the coaches advise athletes provide significant gains both during the camp and for future development.

The new brand identity for Masters of Tri aims to represent the three core disciplines of triathlon. The use of the colours – bronze, silver, gold – represents athletes’ progress on their own individual journeys, and progression in their sport. The new website has been built to inform and invite athletes to engage in an exclusive training experience on location in Spain and other European destinations such as the UK, Sweden, Turkey, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria. Coaching is also available online to make it accessible to athletes all over the world.

Martin Hill, Founder at Masters of Tri, said “We are excited to launch our new website and brand, Masters of Tri. It consolidates the unique coaching and training camp service we deliver, to an international audience of athletes of all abilities, from beginners through to professionals in the sport.

“As coaches, we experience a huge amount of pleasure from seeing our athletes achieve their goals – from novice athletes who achieve their next level, to others who achieve ‘World Championship’ qualifications.
“We want to be a game changer for every athlete, to help them improve and perfect their performance, throughout the entire season, providing inspirational training all year round.”

Matt Hill, Coach at Masters of Tri added, “It is our job to notice subtle, almost imperceptible, differences that can change a triathlete’s performance. We advance each athlete inch-by-inch to achieve a better time, to build their endurance further and accelerate them to achieve their goals.

“The best coaches inspire and encourage their athletes. Keeping it simple, they notice the little things that create great change that can be transferred into opportunities on the race course. This approach sums up our approach to coaching and the bonds we develop with our athletes.”

Martin Hill is a Trisutto certified coach and his son Matt, is an IRONMAN and ASA certified coach, who brings his national-level swim expertise to the Masters of Tri tailor-made training programmes. In addition, Matt is a postural correction and strength training specialist who focuses on techniques to help athletes reach new levels.

Masters of Tri training camps, located in Spain, cater for triathletes, swimmers, swim-runners, runners and cyclists of all levels, who are looking for a camp that offers an all-in-one experience. ‘Each athlete benefits from a personalised experience with a 1:5 coach to athlete ratio and have access to expert coaches at all times, ensuring they receive the required amount of coaching.’

In addition to hosting individuals, Masters of Tri welcomes both small and larger groups of triathletes and cyclists. Assisting these groups, the team can provide guided or coach-assisted support to help improve the overall experience.

Tailor-made online coaching is another key service offered by Masters of Tri. This provides athletes with unlimited 24/7 access to coaches, allowing complete adaptability to each athlete’s lifestyle.




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