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TriathlonWorld.com acquires firstoffthebike.com

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TriathlonWorld.com, the international triathlon website founded in July 2016 by Spomedis, the German publisher of Triathlon magazine, has acquired Australian website firstoffthebike.com, which covers triathlon across the Asia-Pacific region. TriathlonWorld.com will take over firstoffthebike.com this month, according to releases issued by both companies.

“Adding firstoffthebike.com to the TriathlonWorld.com fold provides us a huge presence in the region and solidifies our global presence,” says Frank Wechsel, the founder and CEO of TriathlonWorld.com. “Our head office is based in Europe, our editor-in-chief, Kevin Mackinnon, is based in North America and, now, we’ll have Phil Wrochna working as our Asia-Pacific editor incorporating some of his current team.”

firstoffthebike.com founder, Phil Wrochna will becomesan integral part of the TriathlonWorld.com editorial team, providing coverage and editorial insight from the Asia-Pacific region. “I’m not going anywhere,” Wrochna said. “We will continue to provide the most extensive coverage and insight on multisport training and racing in the Asia-Pacific region. This new partnership gives us more resources. firstoffthebike.com fans will be getting more of what they’re used to, along with lots of great triathlon news from around the world making triathlonworld.com the go to triathlon website.”

Launched on 1 July 2016, TriathlonWorld.com is a global website that covers the world of triathlon and multisport racing. The company is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, in the offices of Spomedis. From here, the publisher that produces Triathlon magazine, the ‘leading German speaking triathlon publication in the world’, and SWIM magazine. The company notes that it is also one of the world’s largest multisport book publishers and home to several websites such as tri-mag.de and swim.de.

Founded nine years ago, firstoffthebike.com is ‘the largest triathlon website in Australia and one of the premium mastheads in the triathlon digital world’.




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