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Two countries/one event: new Ocean Lava Parenzana kicks off in Slovenia & Croatia

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The expansion of Ocean Lava keeps on coming, with new half distance event Ocean Lava Parenzana, encompassing the countries of Croatia and Slovenia, now set for 23 April 2017.

The organising team at Ocea Lava Planet point out that by running the event through the neighbouring countries of Slovenia and Croatia, the opportunity to boost triathlon tourism is heightened. A release from Ocean Lava adds that ‘the cross-border triathlon collaboration between Slovenia and Croatia should be viewed as an opportunity for taking an innovative approach, with innovations being a lever of development for the sport of triathlon.’

Kenneth Gasque, founder of Ocean Lava Planet triathlon series, said “Cross-border cooperation is of obvious importance for the mutual strengthening of triathlon tourism of neighbouring countries. This type of collaboration can lead to effective dialogue and negotiations in building mutually acceptable interests and forwarding proposals for developing tourism in a given region.

“I’m very happy that Ocean Lava Parenzana will be first triathlon based on cross-border cooperation between Slovenia and Croatia. It would be great also if Borut Pahor, the current President of the Republic of Slovenia, who is also triathlete himself, could have some free time to come and race Ocean Lava Parenzana!”

Ocean Lava adds that it has planned some surprises to help with the development of triathlon in the Adriatic region triathlon calendar; and notes that ‘with the already existing Ocean Lava Slovenia, made by Nino Cokan, there is a Slovenian triathlete leading the way’.

“The idea of the [Croatia and Slovenia] race was in my mind for a long time,” added race organiser Nino Cokan. “We used to train on this bike course and we have also organized the Portoroz bike festival here, so there is no doubt that this course is a great experience. Although, to combine both countries of Slovenia and Croatia is a big project from a logistic and organizational perspective. Yet, we are very passionate and everything is possible!”

Positioned an hour away from Trieste airport in Italy and a little more than an hour away from Pula airport in Croatia and the major Slovenian airport in Ljubljana, Portorož city in Slovenia can be reached by low-cost carriers from all over Europe.

The event sees a swim in the bay near Marina Portoroz which was the first marina built in Slovenia. Portoroz (‘Port of Roses’) belongs to the coastal municipality of Piran, located in the southwest of the Gulf of Trieste (at the northernmost point of the Adriatic Sea) between the boundaries of Italy to the north and Croatia to the south. The swim route runs along the coast from Marina Portoroz through Camp Lucija – with a finish in Kanegra in Croatia. Kanegra is located 10km from the city of Umag in the Savudrija Bay, directly on the Adriatic Sea on ‘one of the most picturesque bays in Istria’.

The cycling component will be routed entirely within Croatia. From Kanegra, participants will turn towards Plovanija, and from there towards Buje and the valley of the Mirna River. The length of the cycle loop is 45km and there are two loops. The route has a total of approximately 800m in elevation. At the end of the last loop, triathletes head to the transition area in Kanegra.

The run section heads to Parenzana from Kanegra to the border crossing at Se?ovlje. From there the route goes towards Solin and Camp Lucija and through the Marina Portoroz along the coast to Hotel Bernardin, where athletes reach a turn-around point and run along the same route back to the finish at Marina Portoroz.

Further details about the event, including the new Ocean Lava Parenzana website, will follow when available.





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