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Under the skin: Forth Edge rolls out biomarker testing and tracking for athletes

Forth Edge dashboard

Forth Edge is a new service that offers biomarker testing and tracking for athletes. The company notes that it offers ‘objective, personalised and science-based support for optimum health and performance.’

Targeting recreational athletes through to professional competitors, Forth Edge’s lab-analysed tests and tracking platform aim to help athletes get the most out of their training… ‘so you can push your body to new limits.’

Internal biomarkers can offer insight into an individual’s ‘health on the inside’; and by testing and tracking biomarkers it is possible to obtain valuable information into when an individual is over trained, under-rested or simply in need of a little bit of extra time on the sofa. By identifying these factors an athlete can gauge when you he or she is at an increased risk of injury, infection or fatigue.

Forth Edge is billed as the first of its kind in the UK, allowing athletes of all levels to have access to biomarker profiling, along with a comprehensive digital platform to track changes and patterns. Rather than a short-term snapshot, this offers a long-term insight enabling the athlete to build a unique biomarker profile to help understand how the body is responding to your training and lifestyle choices.

Tested biomarkers include:

White Blood Cell Count (WBC)
Transferrin Saturation
Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC)
Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV)
Mean Cell Haemoglobin (MCH)
Haematocrit (HCT)



Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)

Creatine Kinase

Vitamins & minerals
Vitamin B12 (active)
Folate (serum)

There are three packages available – Endurance, Power and HIT. These packages are specifically tailored to the demands of an individual sport, analysing the most important and relevant profiles for the individual.

Once selected, a finger-prick blood sample kit is sent via post, which can be done at home. When completed, the athlete simply posts it back to the Forth laboratory. The sample will then be analysed in detail and the results consolidated.

Results will be available within a couple of days, and will show up on the ‘Personal Health Dashboard’, which is fully integrated to the Forth Edge website. Via this dashboard it is possible to track changes in biomarkers month-on-month, so that the individual can identify the impact that different components of training, lifestyle and diet choices can have on his or her ‘numbers’.

Through the information provided on the Forth Edge platform it is possible to optimise a biomarker profile, and learn about the effect that each biomarker has on performance. This is explained, with information provided about what specific foods can enable an athlete to reach peak performance. The company adds that the result of this is a long-term insight into training, performance and athlete development.

Sarah Bolt, Founder of Forth Edge said, “Advances in technology have enabled people to track many aspects of training; however up until now athletes have been missing a vital component to their performance – biomarker profiling. Forth Edge which is specifically tailored to recreational and competitive athletes gives them access to that missing piece – we’re fast, convenient and most importantly grounded in scientific evidence.”

Matt Sharp, a Forth Edge athlete ambassador and ITU U23 World Champion said “I’m really excited to be an ambassador for Forth Edge, and am looking forward to working with the team to gain a deeper understanding of what is happening to my body as
the training load changes throughout the year. I believe monitoring blood profiles is the best way athletes can accurately monitor fatigue level, and ultimately get the most out of their training.”

To celebrate the launch of Forth Edge, the team is offering a special 30% discount on a first test, available only for a limited time. Athletes can enter the code ‘launch30’ when prompted at checkout and this will be automatically deducted from an order.




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