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Veneto Sportswear launches custom cycling and triathlon apparel at Sea Otter

Veneto Sportswear riders

New custom cycle and triathlon wear company Veneto Sportswear is officially launching its product line at Sea Otter. ‘Created and handmade with passion from the heart of the Dolomites’, Veneto Sportswear notes that it embodies Italian craftsmanship with design, technology and history from the heart of the cycling mecca, Veneto.

“We’re very excited to launch our fully printable custom cycling line of apparel at Sea Otter, where cyclists from all over California, the US and Canada come every year to celebrate their passion for cycling; so we couldn’t think of a better place to ‘officially’ showcase Veneto Sportswear,” said Lou Cantin, co-founder and partner at Veneto Sportswear.

Veneto Sportswear products aim to reflect the clear understanding of custom apparel needs and incorporate bold designs and colours. During each step of the design process, the Veneto Sportswear design team ‘carefully attends to every aspect of the creation of every garment with the needs of customers foremost in mind.’

Veneto Sportswear rider

Along the way, Veneto Sportswear is making substantial investments in material research, testing, new construction techniques, carbon material technology to control temperature and durability and unique design developments. The company adds that its fabrics and printing processes are all chemical free, creating a final product that is ‘environmentally friendly and safe for our skin washable in hot water and dryer safe’.

“Veneto Sportswear designers and craftsmen bring more than 40 years of design expertise and commitment to quality with a product line that delivers unparalleled comfort, performance and distinctive designs,” said Massimo Della Santa, co-founder and partner at Veneto Sportswear.

“Our dedication to our products is an extension of our love for cycling and triathlon. Our passion comes through in our pledge to bring athletes the best, most innovative, functional and feature-rich product at an attractive price.”

Della Santa continued, “Our custom apparel clients can expect Veneto’s unrivalled cutting-edge technologies in their own custom cycling and triathlon apparel. The Veneto Sportswear compression material technology is unmatchable, delivering performance and comfort.”




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