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Virginia-Maryland Triathlon Series builds East Coast footprint with Piranha Sports acquisition

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The Virginia-Maryland Triathlon Series (VMTS) has announced the acquisition of Piranha Sports and eight of its triathlons that take place in the Mid-Atlantic region. Piranha Sports started 17 years ago with a mix of road and multisport races, and has expanded over the years to a full line-up of triathlons and endurance festivals.

There are two more events on the 2017 Piranha Sports calendar — the Diamondman Challenge Festival taking place on 10 September, and the Marshman Tri & Du on 17 September. The Virginia-Maryland Triathlon Series will assume full control of the Piranha Sports brand after Marshman and has plans to reinvigorate and grow multisport events throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region.

A Virginia-Maryland Triathlon Series release noted that the two Maryland events will go into the VMTS, and the remaining races will be the ‘foundation for our team to expand racing opportunities across the Mid-Atlantic Region’.

“We are excited to take over a great series of races and further expand the racing opportunities for triathletes in the Mid-Atlantic region,” said VMTS owner Greg Hawkins. “Neil [Semmel] has put in 17 years of hard work and we wish him the best in his new endeavours.” Piranha Sports founder Neil Semmel said he’s looking forward to attending the events he used to manage as a triathlete starting in 2018.

“After 17 years growing Piranha Sports, it was important to me to find an experienced race director who would continue the events,” Semmel said. “I’m confident that Greg is the perfect fit to continue with Piranha Sports. I look forward to seeing most of you at the starting line as a racer next year.”

The Virginia-Maryland Triathlon Series plans to maintain the Piranha Sports brand for the time being, although all future event communications will come from Greg Hawkins and the VMTS team.

With 32 events on the 2017 calendar, the Virginia-Maryland Triathlon Series is ‘the largest racing series on the [US] East Coast’. The Virginia Triathlon Series began in 2005 and the Maryland Triathlon Series was born in 2009. They were merged six years later.




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