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‘Vita Coco Coconut Grove’ at this year’s Castle Triathlon Series

Castle Triathlon Series - Bastion 2015

Building on a long-standing relationship with the Castle Triathlon Series that dates back to 2014, this year’s Official Hydration partner for the series, Vita Coco Coconut Water will be bringing ‘post-race rehydration and relaxation’ to Castle Triathlon Series competitors in 2017. As soon as competitors cross the finish line they will enter the ‘Vita Coco Coconut Grove’ where they can ‘rehydrate and replenish their bodies with vital electrolytes such as potassium’.

‘Finishers and spectators can then head to the Vita Coco stretching and yoga classes, allowing everyone to relax the Vita Coco way!’

Head of Marketing for Vita Coco, Richard Booth said “We wanted to not only ensure everyone is hydrated, but also to make sure that they can experience the ultimate cool down the Vita Coco way.”

Vita Coco team at Castle Triathlon - Chantilly

A release from Castle Triathlon adds that staying well hydrated is key to maintaining fitness and achieving sporting success. ‘Vita Coco Coconut Water is loaded with naturally occurring electrolytes and bursting with potassium allowing race goers to hydrate naturally.’

Competitors and spectators can take part in the yoga and stretch maintenance classes free of charge that will be held throughout the weekend at the three UK Castle Triathlon Series events.




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