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VLD: new race format added to Challenge Venice 2018

Challenge Venice athletes

In 2018, a new race will be added to the long-distance Challenge Venice race weekend. The new race – VLD Venice Long Distance – will be an event with a limited number of 150 athletes and will only be for age groupers and not pro athletes.

The third edition of Challenge Venice runs on 3 June 2018. Registration for Challenge Venice 2018 and the new VLD Venice Long Distance race will open on 10 September.

VLD will have the same swim course as Challenge Venice (3.8 km), and will then be followed by a 133km bike and 22km run. It will be a 3.8-133-22 race, shorter than an iron or full distance event and longer than a half distance, or 70.3. The race will start few minutes after the full distance Challenge Venice, and the finish line will be the same. The number of participants for the first year will be limited to 150 individual and 10 relay teams, and age groupers rather than pro athletes will be able to enter.

Challenge Venice’s Race Director Matteo Gerevini gave is reasoning behind the new VLD event. He said, “We have received several requests in the last years regarding the possibility to organize a half distance together with the full distance, but we cannot do it because the physical distance between the heart of Venice (where the swim starts) and the coast is exactly 3.8 km, so we cannot do any swim shorter than that.

“So, we have decided to invent a new ‘spurious’ distance (3.8-133-22), similar to the ITU Long Distance (4-120-30), that is still a very hard race, but with a less challenging run course, that will allow a much faster recovery after the race. There are a lot of triathletes in the world that are dreaming about racing in Venice: with this distance, we will allow 150 more to reach their dream, in a relatively easier way!

“The course is basically the same, with one lap less in the bike circuit and two less in the run course, so all the technical aspects of the two races will be the same (start line, finish line, aid stations, technical support, medical support…). The goodie bag will be the same as the full distance, while the t-shirt and the medal for the finishers will be different.”

Gerevini continued, “There is a wide target of potential triathletes that are interested in VLD: from the athletes that do not feel ready yet for an iron or full distance race (but that consider a 70.3 too easy) to all the triathletes that are registered for the Ironman and full distance races of the summer (Klagenfurt, Nice, Frankfurt, Roth, Hamburg, Zurich…) and that are looking for a last, challenging test before their key event.

“With a run that is similar to a 70.3 and a swim and bike much closer to a full ironman, VLD will allow athletes to have a great test without stressing the legs with a full marathon. We will have only 150 spots available, and we are sure that we will sell out pretty quickly.”




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