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Wiivv Kickstarter campaign stepping out with custom-fit biomechanical sandals

Wiivv Custom Fit Sandals

Wiivv has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Wiivv Custom Fit Sandals, billed as the world’s first custom sandal designed and 3D printed to fit the unique contours of feet, ‘giving the wearer biomechanical support and unparalleled comfort’. The company aims to transform the made-to-measure footwear market with its software and direct-to-consumer model. The sandal is available on Kickstarter for US$95, and Wiivv’s crowdfunding campaign runs from 23 March to 22 April 2017.

“Big footwear brands still don’t grasp the fact that 14 billion unique feet need 14 billion unique solutions,” said Wiivv CEO and Co-Founder Shamil Hargovan. “In an industry dominated by mass produced products, and offshore supply chains, we’re proud to offer one-off custom products at scale.

Wiivv makes every shoe custom for ‘true comfort and improved biomechanics’. The process begins with the award-winning Wiivv mobile app for iOS or Android. Users follow the instructions to take five photos and measurements of their feet. More than 200 data points are digitally mapped and processed with computer vision software. This data is used to determine optimal strap placement and 3D printed arch support for each specific foot. The sandals can also be personalized with various arch colours and interchangeable straps. Customers receive their unique and customized sandals in the mail within 7 days.

This is the second 3D technology footwear product for Wiivv. The company’s first Kickstarter campaign for its BASE Custom Insole was a ‘runaway success’. It broke records in three different Kickstarter categories and it remains the ‘most successful 3D printed product in crowdfunding history’. Since launching commercially in January 2016, the company has completed its Series A funding, sold over 10,000 custom insoles, and acquired eSoles, a US provider of modular customizable footbeds – the deal which gave Wiivv data for over 50,000 3D foot scans.

“After the success of our insoles, Kickstarter backers started requesting a sandal,” said Co-Founder Louis-Victor Jadavji. “Flip flops are part of our summer uniform, yet traditional models are detrimental to foot biomechanics. The general market wasn’t addressing this issue, so we decided to tackle it head on.”

Features of Wiivv Custom-Fit Sandals:

  • Custom fit arch support provides optimal support
  • Deep heel cups stabilize and absorb shock
  • 100% recyclable, quadruple-density foam footbeds for extra comfort
  • No-rub toe thongs and custom toe-thong placement
  • Bio-engineered toe grips give metatarsal support
  • Custom strap placement holds feet in place

“The personalization of Wiivv eliminates over-pronation, toe scrunch and foot fatigue without compromising style,” continued Shamil Hargovan. “We’re passionate believers in bringing the highest-quality, truly functional and uncompromisingly stylish custom products to people at an affordable price.”

Wiivv is based in Vancouver, Canada and has a manufacturing R&D centre in San Diego, California. Its growing team of 30 is made up of computer engineering, mechatronics and biomechanics experts who are ‘passionate about creating 3D printed gear accessible to everyone with a smartphone’.




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