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Wolf Tooth ReMote Sustain offers ‘ultimate upgrade for RockShox Reverb dropper posts’

Wolf Tooth ReMote Sustain

The Wolf Tooth ReMote family of dropper levers offer up ‘ergonomic design, smooth action and a breakaway axle’. Accessories specialist Wolf Tooth, notes that the ReMote has quickly become a go-to upgrade for cable-actuated MTB dropper posts. But the company adds that ‘cable-actuated’ left a lot of riders out – most notably those using RockShox’s hydraulically-actuated Reverb seatpost and its pushbutton remote.

When considering the Reverb and listening to riders’ and mechanics’ comments about their experiences, Wolf Tooth ‘realized that many ergonomic, consistency, and maintenance issues could be addressed by removing the secondary hydraulic system in favor of a simple cable and mechanical actuator.’

The Wolf Tooth ReMote Sustain mechanism leaves the internal brake untouched while ‘simplifying Reverb Stealth seatposts substantially’. The company adds that this frees up ‘significant space inside of the seatpost while allowing the use of our proven, robust, and easily-serviced ReMote lever.’… ‘Tactile feedback is improved, return speeds are accelerated, and lever throw is reduced.’



The patent-pending Wolf Tooth ReMote Sustain features:

  • A leak-proof and low-maintenance mechanical actuation system
  • Easy cable detachment for service or shipping
  • A 40mm (1 5/8in) reduction of in-frame height when compared to Connectamajig-equipped Reverbs
  • Straightforward 20-minute installation
  • Reverb Stealth generation A2 and B1 compatibility
  • Included Jagwire polished stainless steel cable and housing

This is coupled with Wolf Tooth ReMote features, such as: Wolf Tooth’s low-profile, high-traction lever; easily-installed UpFront cable fixing; a large-diameter 21mm ball-bearing pivot; a low-torque Cable-Kind Clamp; and a rattle-free integrated cable adjuster.

Wolf Tooth is based in Savage – a suburban city 15 miles south-southwest of downtown Minneapolis in Minnesota. The company notes that ‘Despite the frigidly cold winters and relatively flat terrain, Minneapolis has earned a reputation of being one of the top cycling cities in the US.’ In recent years Minnesota has become a hotbed for the emerging snow bike scene with several groomed singletrack trails and a network of snowmobile trails that spread across most of the state.




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