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35 free training plans from The Sufferfest on TrainingPeaks

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The Sufferfest, a comprehensive training app for cyclists and triathletes, has announced the release of a full library of 35 free training plans on TrainingPeaks, the leader in performance-based training and athlete management software. This integration expands The Sufferfest’s offering of structured training plans while ‘giving athletes the convenience and benefits of TrainingPeaks’ suite of performance tracking and analysis features’.

Designed by elite coaches Mac Cassin and Neal Henderson at APEX Coaching, The Sufferfest training plans ‘bring world-class sports science to all Sufferfest subscribers’. Covering a range of disciplines – including road, cyclocross, xc mountain biking, and triathlon – the plans utilize a mix of indoor training sessions in The Sufferfest app, outside rides, and technique drills to improve form and efficiency.

Optional yoga and mental training components can be added to any plan. To access the 35 plans, all users need is a subscription to The Sufferfest and a free Basic account with TrainingPeaks.

“The Sufferfest’s Four-Dimensional Power (4DP) profile gives an unprecedented level of insight into an athlete’s fitness, including rider type, and a primary area for improvement,” said APEX Coaching’s Mac Cassin. “These new plans on TrainingPeaks allow athletes to target a specific weakness, whether it’s sprinting, sustained efforts, VO2 efforts, or repeated efforts. Once an athlete completes the Full Frontal fitness test in The Sufferfest app and gets their 4DP profile, they can choose a plan that is tailored to their needs.”

“Training protocols should continually be questioned by coaches, athletes and scientists alike to ensure that endurance training science continues to evolve,” said Dirk Friel, co-founder and President of Fitness Brands at TrainingPeaks. “4DP is a great example of this evolution of training science, and we applaud the work that The Sufferfest has done to push training boundaries and are excited to offer their training plans within TrainingPeaks.”

“Through our long-standing relationship with APEX Coaching, we’re able to provide athletes with workouts and training plans based on the most cutting-edge sports science available,” said David McQuillen, CEO of The Sufferfest. “Now, through integration with TrainingPeaks, we are able to dramatically increase both the number and the capabilities of our training plans.

“The powerful suite of features in TrainingPeaks gives time-crunched athletes the ability to effortlessly manage their training schedule, perform in-depth analysis of their performance data, and better achieve their fitness goals.”

TrainingPeaks provides a complete web, mobile and desktop solution for enabling smart and effective endurance training. Products include TrainingPeaks.com Athlete and Coach Edition, WKO4 desktop software for cutting-edge scientific analysis and planning, and mobile apps for iOS, Android and Kindle. The company’s solutions are used by world class runners, Tour de France teams, IRONMAN World Champions, Olympians, collegiate and high school teams and coaches around the world to track, analyze and plan their training




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