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3T Torno billed as world’s first 1x aero-optimized crank


The new Torno crank from accessories specialist and bike firm, 3T, offers up an aero-optimized 1x chainset. It has been designed by 3T co-owner and Director Gerard Vroomen. The company notes that the crank combines the aerodynamic knowledge of 3T with the carbon engineering and production skills of 3T’s sister company THM.

Thanks to its aero-optimized design, the Torno represents a complement to the brand’s Strada and Exploro aero frames. 3T notes that the crank arms are very thin, thereby reducing their drag and lowering the Q-factor, so the rider can ride with a more aero foot position. The profile is deep and elliptical, further cutting down drag.

The structural design combines the right crank, spider and carbon axle into one part, increasing stiffness and reducing weight. The new Torno weighs a floaty light 330g. When coupled with the 3T Strada, ‘the world’s first 1x dedicated road bike’, 3T claims aero efficiencies by removing the front derailleur and inner ring. This offers up improved aerodynamics around the bottom bracket.

3T TORNO LTD - profile

The 3T Torno benefits from 20 years of experience at sister company THM in ‘making the world’s lightest and stiffest cranks’. The new offering uses special aero cross sections that ‘seem impossibly thin to slice through the air’.

The company adds… ‘Best of all, just like all THM products, it’s made right here in Europe, under our own control at our own factory. And of course, the Torno works beautifully not just on the Strada but also on any 1x Exploro.’




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