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3T wheels out new Strada PRO

3T Strada PRO

Expanding its Strada aero bike line-up, 3T has unveiled the Strada PRO, which offers up the company’s 1x aero design at a new price point. The first Strada bike, Strada TEAM, was launched in 2017 and started shipping half a year ago. As the first aero road bike with a 1x drivetrain and optimized for wider tyres, the original Strada bike was a ‘showcase of the direction that [3T believes] road bikes will take.’

3T notes that ‘After an initially somewhat sceptical reception, the Strada TEAM has taken off in magazine reviews, industry awards and most importantly, customer interest.’ The company added that, in January 2018, ‘we tripled production capacity and now, we are ready to launch phase 2: The Strada PRO.’

“We believe so strongly in the Strada that we always wanted to offer it in multiple versions,” explained 3T Head of Design Gerard Vroomen. “An important part of that is offering a complete bike at a more affordable price. We realize we’re not Giant, Trek or Specialized, we don’t churn out frames by the millions, we’re only active in the high-end performance segment. But within that segment and without watering down the performance of our bikes, we do want to make them available to as many people as possible.”

The Strada PRO utilises the ‘same aerodynamics for the frame and fork, same stiffness and strength but with a slightly simpler and thus heavier layup (+130g).’ The drivetrain is SRAM Force 1, billed as the highest level dedicated 1x drivetrain on the market. The crank is also from SRAM and is powermeter-ready (Quarq unit sold separately).

The wheels are the 3T Discus C35 PRO, pairing ‘aerodynamics with bullet-proof construction’. Also in the Strada PRO build are a San Marco Aspide saddle and 3T Aeronova aerodynamic dropbar.

The Strada is designed for a 28mm tyre. Those wanting the plushest ride may opt for 30mm, those wanting more clearance (if you ride on muddy roads a lot) may aim for 25mm. But, according to 3T, 28mm is the sweet spot… ‘Yet our spec shows a 25mm tyre. But: that is the number on the label, which as we have explained before has little to do with the actual width. These tyres fit very wide on this rim, so the 25mm tyre actually fits much closer to a 28mm tyre than the ‘28mm’ tyre would (which fits more like a 31mm tyre).

The Strada PRO with its aerodynamics, 1x drivetrain, Force 1 group and aero finishing kit is available at 3T retailers for US$4,990 (excl sales tax) or €4,990 (incl VAT).

3T is a global company with three regional customer service offices (Italy, Taiwan, North America) and 20+ service centres. Founded in Turin in 1961 as Tecnologia del Tubo Torinese (Turin Tube Technology), 3T has a track record of being ‘first’. It was first to: introduce many modern alloys to cycling; to produce a dedicated aerobar; to win the ID design award; to introduce dedicated gravel wheels; to introduce an aero gravel frame; and introduce a dedicated 1x aero road bike.

In addition, 3T componentry has been first in a number of competitions alongside the great champions of cycling in the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia, one-day Classics, Olympics, World Championships, national championships, and IRONMAN triathlons.

3T adds that it ‘continues to invest human and financial capital in exploring new ways of making products that excel in quality, simplicity, beauty and sustainability, under the stewardship of co-owners René Wiertz and Gerard Vroomen.



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