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ActiveTraveler.tv teams up with Middaugh Coaching

ActiveTraveler.tv has confirmed a partnership with Josiah Middaugh and his business, Middaugh Coaching, for the sharing of tips and advice to stay fit while travelling.

ActiveTraveler.tv itself was founded as an information source using short-form video to communicate active lifestyle travel, destinations, healthy living and more. Josiah Middaugh, a world champion endurance sport competitor, founded Middaugh Coaching to assist and motivate people to get fit, stay fit and enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.

The two organisations have come together to share information, tips and motivation for people to work on their fitness even as they travel. ActiveTraveler.tv Founder, Tom Kiely, said, “I have known Josiah for many years as we built the XTERRA World Tour and am honoured to call him friend.

“More than any other world class athlete I have met, Josiah has a passion to share his knowledge and experience with any and all people who may ask. It was only natural for him to start Middaugh Coaching as a great platform to share his knowledge. We are proud to have Josiah on our ActiveTraveler.tv team and to feature his videos, articles and knowledge on a regular basis.”

Josiah Middaugh said, “Health and fitness have been my life-long pursuit both as a professional athlete and as a coach and trainer. Elite racing has taken me to six continents and has allowed me to see the world through a unique lens. ActiveTraveler.tv is a natural fit for my training business and gives me a platform to shares tips and advice for those looking to stay fit while traveling.”

ActiveTraveler.tv is a division of Honolulu based Television, Events and Marketing Inc. It features short-form videos and direct links to resorts, destinations and activities around the world.




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