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‘Arms Neutral’ position & ‘Rotational Freedom’ in new HUUB Brownlee Agilis wetsuit

The Brownlee brothers and HUUB have collaborated to produce what is being billed as the ultimate wetsuit for race performance. The new Brownlee Agilis suit has been a two-year development, with ‘the Brownlee’s sitting alongside HUUB every step of the way as their testers and developers.’

As a release from HUUB pointed out that the Brownlees… ‘accept no compromise; if it isn’t the best, then they are not interested… So, listening to Alistair and Jonny, coupled with the input of professor Huub Toussaint, has produced a wetsuit like no other, and given HUUB the confidence to say there is no faster wetsuit.’

The Brownlees had two simple goals, and wanted to be able to:

1. Swim like they’re not wearing a wetsuit throughout the full stroke cycle.
2. Get their hips and legs as high as possible and keep them there.

HUUB investigated materials, stretch, swim strokes and how materials behaved under tension to create a new ‘Arms Neutral’ position reducing the typical maximum stretch cycle down by 50%. According to the company, an athlete’s ‘stroking style with a wetsuit can now mimic your stroking style without a wetsuit delivering a Rotational Freedom’.



New buoyancy materials deliver ‘never before seen leg lift and lower body buoyancy within regulatory rules’. HUUB’s exclusive +43 buoyancy foam claims to provide 43% more buoyancy than standard neoprene. Typically, HUUB points out that wetsuit companies add extra buoyancy to the thighs and hips, but on the Brownlee Agilis wetsuit the +43 material goes past the centre of buoyancy for maximum leg lift.

HUUB’s founder and owner Dean Jackson said “This is what the triathlete has been waiting for, a no-compromise suit for race day. Alistair and Jonny will not sacrifice their performance for anything, so it will come as no surprise that they will not turn to a suit unless it really is the very best they have ever swum in.”

The Brownlee’s summed up their thoughts in a video trailer for the new wetsuit. Reportedly, Jonny Brownlee texted HUUB’s Dean Jackson after his first swim saying, “it’s a game changer”, and Alistair said “I can finally swim so naturally in a wetsuit.”

Currently, HUUB only has a limited amount of stock of the new wetsuit, with a second delivery arriving in late August.




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