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Automatic resistance: Bkool wheels out new Smart Bike for indoor training

Bkool Smart Bike

In another step aimed at helping ‘cyclists and fitness enthusiasts push their bodies to the limit in indoor training’, Bkool has targeted the indoor-fitness-market with the launch of its first Smart Bike.

The European tech-cycling company’s latest offering ‘joins an elite group of smart bikes that have automatic resistance control’, allowing users to reach 1,500W at 120RPM in ‘complete silence with its poly-v belt transmission’.

With built-in ANT+ and Bluetooth, users can navigate the bike’s features via a smartphone or tablet whilst following their desired workout on a TV or laptop.

“The beauty of the Bkool Smart Bike is that it’s personalised to the nth degree,” said Bkool’s Marketing Director, Jorge Serrano. “With the heart of the bike being connected to the internet, users can take it wherever they want and use it however they want and access the best in workout classes from their own homes.”

The Bkool Smart Bike is positioned as an affordable option for hardcore riders as well as fitness fanatics who want to workout in the comfort of their own home. With wireless connection to Bkool’s Indoor Simulator, those who buy the bike are given three months to the company’s premium subscription service. The Indoor Simulator gives users access to fitness classes from some of the best indoor cycling instructors, structured workouts, FTP tests that tailor the bike to its user and the ability to ride ‘unlimited cycling routes around the world’.

The transport and installation of the Smart Bike can be taken care of by a Bkool technician who will visit the user’s home, assemble the bike and prepare everything ready for use. Its light yet stable 45kg frame and rolling wheels allow users to move the bike to various locations with relative ease.

Further personalisation is achieved with adjustable seat post height, handlebar height, handlebar horizontal positioning and an emergency break.

Bkool Smart Bike - side view


  • Automatic resistance
  • Controlled by smartphone/tablet
  • Silent transmission
  • Adapts automatically to users’ fitness levels
  • Access to Bkool Indoor Simulator
  • Adjustable seatpost and handlebar

Bkool is a technology company that creates interactive and innovative solutions for sports and video gaming. In the field of cycling, it has developed an advanced trainer and simulator. The simulator lets cyclists ride routes in a 3D virtual environment alongside other cyclists connected in real time. With the simulator, users can experience the same sensations they would have on the road. Bkool’s 3D World technology ‘simulates any route in the world in 3D and recreates the actual elevation of the terrain and the details in the landscape’.

The company’s 3D Real Weather technology also recreates the weather in real time on any route. Bkool is available in seven languages, including Chinese and Japanese, and distributes its products worldwide.



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