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Bkool keeps up virtual cycling momentum with 2018 Commonwealth Games ride

Bkool keeps up virtual cycling momentum with 2018 Commonwealth Games ride

Ahead of the action unfolding in the men’s and women’s road race this weekend, Bkool has uploaded the entire road cycling course onto its Indoor Cycling Simulator so that cycling’s global audience of indoor riders can revel in the hype of the 2018 Commonwealth Games. This latest offering from Bkool follows on its recently unveiled Bkool TRI league and simulated Milan-San Remo route.

The road cycling programme at the 2018 Commonwealth Games is about to close on Australia’s Gold Coast. The 18.6 kilometre loop, which begins from Currumbin’s beachfront and snakes through Currumbin Waters and Elanora is mostly flat apart from a handful of short punchy climbs.

The longest ascent is a 1.5km burst, which begins just shy of the halfway point on the course; while a hill within sight of the finish line sets up a 1km descent for a sprint finish.

GPX data taken from the course will ensure that Bkool’s Indoor Cycling Simulator riders ‘experience the actual route profile in Bkool’s 3D world, as riders’ turbo trainers react to the ascents and descents with the correct resistance.’

Riders will also be ‘cheered on by supporters as they begin the course, experience real weather and have the ability to race opponents from all over the world.’

Bkool’s Marketing Director, Jorge Serrano has labelled the initiative a “unique and fantastic opportunity for cycling fans.” He added “Bkool has reshaped the way many experience indoor training, by giving riders simple access to the world’s endless amount of cycling routes, exceeding 3 million!”

Those gripped by the Commonwealth Games track cycling programme, will also be able to compete in a 3D or real video velodrome on Bkool’s Indoor Simulator.

Bkool is a technology company that creates interactive and innovative solutions for sports and video gaming. In the field of cycling, it has developed an advanced trainer and simulator. The simulator lets cyclists ride routes in a 3D virtual environment alongside other cyclists connected in real time. With the simulator, users can experience the same sensations they would have on the road. Bkool’s 3D World technology ‘simulates any route in the world in 3D and recreates the actual elevation of the terrain and the details in the landscape’.

The company’s 3D Real Weather technology also recreates the weather in real time on any route. Bkool is available in seven languages, including Chinese and Japanese, and distributes its products worldwide.



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