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Bollé casts eye over AG2R La Mondiale with SHIFTER sunglasses

AG2R La Mondiale rider with Bolle SHIFTER sunglasses - photo credit TWD-Getty Images

Building on 4 years of collaboration, the UCI World Tour team, AG2R La Mondiale, is the first to wear Bollé‘s latest cycling dedicated sunglass model SHIFTER. SHIFTER will complete the whole team’s outfit and has secured a spotlight at the first Grand Tour of the season, the Giro d’Italia.

The latest addition to Bollé’s Performance eyewear range, SHIFTER is a billed as a ‘tribute to the great cycling history of Bollé in a retro-futuristic design that meets all the needs of the performance cyclist’. The sunglasses feature a large screen made of NXT, offering a wide field of vision and a mix of optical clarity and impact resistance.

Frontal air vents directly integrated in the frame help to ensure optimal air flow and prevent fog. Hydrophobic treatment (so that water droplets roll off) and oleophobic treatment (to repel dirt) keep the cyclist’s vision clear. The curve of the temples improves comfort and stability by allowing more of the hydrophilic rubber to be in contact with the skin, while leaving room for different types of helmet strap attachments. Also placed on the nose, hydrophilic rubber ensures grip during intense effort.

Romain Bardet, the team’s captain, has already been wearing SHIFTER sunglasses on the World Tour competition roads, such as Strade Bianche, and during his training sessions. Bollé adds that it has a long history of involvement at the highest levels of cycling. The first sports sunglasses ever created by the brand was a cycling model introduced in 1958 to equip famous cyclists such as Louison Bobet during the Tour de France.

Since then, the brand has maintained strong partnerships with talented cyclists and teams, one of the most recent examples being the close relationship with UCI World Tour team AG2R La Mondiale.

SHIFTER is available with prescription lenses, a plus for AG2R La Mondiale riders wearing corrective eyewear – and for all cycling enthusiasts alike. Bollé offers a wide range of prescriptions (+6 to -8 / cyl-4) and a large choice of tints to cater for a variety of weather and light conditions. The lenses are directly inserted into the shield, ensuring all the frame’s properties and optimal visual acuity ‘guaranteed by NXT material’ remain.

Officially launching in September, SHIFTER will be available in 6 colours including an AG2R La Mondiale Team colour model.



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