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Challenge Family presents new eyewear partner, Reborn

Reborn brand eyewear

The Austrian based manufacturer of swimming goggles and triathlon eyewear, Reborn, will become an official Challenge Family licensee in the eyewear product category, and will be selling its glasses on the new Challenge Family webshop on challenge-family.shop (to be launched on April 17, 2018) and at Challenge Family race expos.

The partnership between Challenge Family and Reborn is the result of a long-standing relationship that began when Reborn was previously an exhibitor at a number of Challenge events. Challenge Family CEO Zibi Szlufcik and Reborn CEO Martin Kaindl have actually known each other since 1998, where they both took part at a duathlon race in Bad Häring. “But now it’s no longer [about being] against each other, but with each other,” said Kaindl.

The new cooperation is based on the product categories of: swimming goggles, cycling and running glasses and lifestyle eyewear. Initially, Reborn will be offering four different types of glasses. The brand’s Supra and the Moomba are generally used for running; and the swimming goggles Silverside and Shark are a ‘favourite amongst triathletes’.

Austrian eyewear manufacturer Reborn has been producing swimming, cycling and triathlon glasses since 2011. With its sports glasses, triathletes can protect their eyes against sun, water, wind and the elements in general.

To give athletes the opportunity to take a closer look at the latest Reborn models and to test them under competition conditions, REBORN glasses can be hired and/or purchased at numerous Challenge Family expos. A release adds that ‘Only after the glasses have totally convinced you when swimming, running or cycling, are they yours… If the glasses don’t pass the test and you’re not completely satisfied, they can be simply returned to the REBORN stand after the competition and the full price will be refunded.’




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