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Challenge Madrid bike course goes live on Bkool virtual platform


Thursday 25th October sees the first Challenge Family race filmed for the Bkool Simulator go live – as part of Bkool’s ongoing partnership with Challenge Family. To mark the event, all fans and riders with access to the Bkool Simulator will have the chance to compete on a simulation of the Challenge Madrid bike course.

A few weeks ago, Bkool recorded the entire cycling section of Challenge Madrid. On Thursday, all Bkool Simulator riders will be able to climb the 14km mountain to the top of Canencia. It’s positioned as ‘a stunning route which can be enjoyed in both 3D and video’.

All riders who take part in one of the live rides at 10:00 CET, 16:00, 18:00, 20:00, 01:00 or 04:00 on Thursday will have the chance to win a Bkool training mat and a 3-month premium subscription to the Bkool simulator.

Bkool has the full Challenge Madrid course ready to upload this Thursday, after it became one of the first courses to be filmed live as part of the partnership with Challenge Family. Going forwards, and using GPX data, Bkool will upload all Challenge Family bike routes to its simulator, with many planned to be filmed live.

Bkool is also including three of the Spanish capital’s hardest climbs onto its cycling simulator. This gives riders an opportunity to cycle the route profile and ‘challenge themselves on iconic climbs and descents in a 3D world’.

Luke Gold, Marketing at Bkool said, “This is the first of many exciting simulator challenges to celebrate our ongoing partnership with the Challenge Family race series. We’re excited to be launching our first live rides with Challenge Madrid, the home of Bkool.”

Zibi Szlufcik, CEO at Challenge Family, said, “Partnering with Bkool is a fantastic opportunity for both our competitors and fans. As well as giving Bkool users a competitive edge in our races through practicing the routes, it will also open up the full Challenge Family portfolio allowing users to trial a race before purchasing entry.”

Athletes can sign up to take part in the competition and ride Challenge Madrid via the Bkool Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/317413805721515/

Bkool adds that it wishes to thank athlete Kenneth Holder for allowing it to film his race as he won his age group at Challenge Madrid. This year’s race also doubled up as The Madrid ETU Challenge Long Distance Triathlon European Championships.

As part of the partnership with Bkool, all Challenge Family competitors will also be offered a 10% discount on all Bkool products to ‘make sure they have the edge on their competitors during the bike leg of the course’.

Bkool is a technology company that creates interactive and innovative solutions for sports and video gaming. In the field of cycling, it has developed an advanced trainer and simulator. The simulator lets cyclists ride routes in a 3D virtual environment alongside other cyclists connected in real time. With the simulator, users can experience the same sensations they would have on the road. Bkool’s 3D World technology ‘simulates any route in the world in 3D and recreates the actual elevation of the terrain and the details in the landscape’.

The company’s 3D Real Weather technology also recreates the weather in real time on any route. Bkool is available in seven languages, including Chinese and Japanese, and distributes its products worldwide.



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