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CyclingCeramic adds Shimano 9100 cage to its range

CyclingCeramic adds Shimano 9100 cage to its range

CyclingCeramic has extended its range with the addition of a Shimano 9100 rear pulley wheel cage. By developing larger size pulley wheels, the company notes that the angle of friction is diminished and the length of the chain becomes optimal. This translates to a claimed saving of one minute in a 20km time trial, a saving of 2.7 watts (‘tested in laboratory conditions’).

The new product has reportedly been approved by the Vital Concept, VeranClassic and Saint-Michel Auber 93 professional cycling teams, as well as a certain number of professional triathletes. Since its beginnings in 2012, CyclingCeramic adds that it ‘strives to guarantee its customers top quality products that are 100% hand-assembled in our workshop in central France.’

The CyclingCeramic Shimano 9100 rear pulley wheel cage has completed the French company’s range of oversized pulley wheel systems with the Shimano 9100 cage specially designed for Shimano Dura Ace 9100 and Ultegra R8000 groupsets.

The cage is carbon with titanium screws and aluminium derailleur pulley wheels. These will be available in red, black, silver and a limited edition variant. The retail price remains the same as the company’s other cage offerings, at €329 for ‘a product that is 100% made in France and which carries a two-year guarantee against any faults’.




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