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Dave Durden & Greg Meehan named 2020 US Olympic Swimming Team Head Coaches

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Dave Durden and Greg Meehan, decorated college coaches and experienced mentors on USA Swimming’s international coaching staff, have been named head coaches for the 2020 United States Olympic Swimming Team.

Dave Durden, the Men’s Coach at the University of California, Berkeley, will serve as the Men’s Head Coach, while Greg Meehan, the Stanford University Women’s Coach, will lead the American women. Durden- and Meehan-coached swimmers combined to win 20 medals at the 2016 Olympic Games.

Durden and Meehan served in the same roles for USA Swimming at the 2017 FINA World Championships where the American roster won a record 38 medals in the pool competition in Budapest, Hungary. The duo also represented the United States as assistant coaches at the 2016 Olympic Games. Both are first-time US Olympic Team head coaches.

“Dave and Greg have experienced tremendous success with both their collegiate teams and on USA Swimming’s recent international staffs,” USA Swimming National Team Managing Director Lindsay Mintenko said. “They have earned a great deal of respect among of our National Team members and other coaches around the country.

“Our staff looks forward to collaborating with Dave and Greg over the next 18 months to put a plan in place to guide Team USA to continued success in Tokyo.”

Dave Durden said, “Through my conversations with Lindsay Mintenko and USA Swimming regarding this appointment, I found myself incredibly humbled in reviewing the list of coaching legends that have held this position. I am grateful to the swimmers I have worked with, the coaches I have stood shoulder to shoulder with, the Cal Aquatic community that has supported me, and to our Athletic Director Jim Knowlton and his leadership to help me be in this position.

“I am excited to continue to work with Greg, Lindsay, and our greater USA Swimming coaching community as we prepare of our country’s best athletes for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.”

Greg Meehan said “There is no greater honour than representing your country on the world stage, and I am tremendously thankful to have been appointed Olympic women’s head coach. As we move into the second half of the Olympic Quad, I am excited about what is ahead and what needs to get done in the coming months on the road to Omaha, and then on to Tokyo.”

The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 pool competition will be held on July 25 to August 2, 2020. Swimmers will compete for spots on the Team USA roster for the Games at the 2020 US Olympic Team Trials – Swimming, which is set for June 21-28 in Omaha, Nebraska.

The coaching nominations are pending the approval of the United States Olympic Committee.

Historical list of US Olympic Swimming Team Head Coaches (1924-present):

Louis De B Handley – 1924 Women’s Head Coach
Bill Bachrach – 1924 Men’s Head Coach; 1928 Women’s Head Coach
Bob Kiphuth – 1928 Women’s Head Coach; 1932 Head Coach; 1948 Men’s Head Coach
Ray Daughters – 1936 Women’s Head Coach; 1948 Women’s Head Coach
Dick Papenguth – 1952 Women’s Head Coach
Matt Mann – 1952 Men’s Head Coach
Bob Muir – 1956 Men’s Head Coach
Stan Tinkham – 1956 Women’s Head Coach
Gus Stager – 1960 Men’s Head Coach
George Haines – 1960 Women’s Head Coach; 1968, 1980 Men’s Head Coach
James “Doc” Counsilman – 1964, 1976 Men’s Head Coach
Peter Daland – 1964 Women’s Head Coach; 1972 Men’s Head Coach
Sherm Chavoor – 1968, 1972 Women’s Head Coach
Jack Nelson – 1976 Women’s Head Coach
Don Gambril – 1984 Head Coach
Eddie Reese – 1992, 2004, 2008 Men’s Head Coach
Mark Schubert – 1992, 2004 Women’s Head Coach; 2000 Men’s Head Coach
Skip Kenney – 1996 Men’s Head Coach
Richard Quick – 1988 Head Coach; 1996, 2000 Women’s Head Coach
Jack Bauerle – 2008 Women’s Head Coach
Teri McKeever – 2012 Women’s Head Coach
Gregg Troy – 2012 Men’s Head Coach
David Marsh – 2016 Women’s Head Coach
Bob Bowman – 2016 Men’s Head Coach
Greg Meehan – 2020 Women’s Head Coach
Dave Durden – 2020 Men’s Head Coach




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