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Derek Bouchard-Hall to depart USA Cycling

USA Cycling has announced that Derek Bouchard-Hall will be stepping down from his role as President & CEO of USA Cycling at the end of this year to lead a, as yet unnamed, USA Cycling partner company. A separate announcement on the company and Bouchard-Hall’s new role will follow this week.

The Board of Directors of USA Cycling, led by Chairman Bob Stapleton, has already begun the process for searching for a new CEO to lead the organization. Stapleton will additionally serve as the interim CEO until a new CEO is found.

Bob Stapleton, an entrepreneur and general manager with 25 years of experience in building high performance organizations, has been heavily involved in the cycling industry since 2002. He currently serves on the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) Management Committee and is also a Director of the World Triathlon Corporation.

Derek Bouchard-Hall joined USA Cycling in 2015 and will have been with the organization nearly five years by the time of his departure later this year. During that time, USA Cycling has focused on ‘better delivering on its mission to develop the sport of cycling at all levels, expanding membership products and services, and broadening the scope of the organization to incorporate enthusiasts and mass participation events.’

“Deciding to leave USA Cycling to take on a new role was the hardest professional decision of my life,” said Bouchard-Hall. “I have loved serving the American bike racing community, and my heart will always remain firmly with USA Cycling. My professional career has focused on improving organizations and setting them on a new path.

“I am confident that I have done that at USA Cycling, and am proud of the team we have in place which will continue improving our ability to support our membership.”

“The foundation for a brighter future for USA Cycling has been built,” said USA Cycling Chairman and interim CEO Bob Stapleton “But we know that much work remains to be done. The next leader of USA Cycling must have that same sense of purpose and urgency to continue our progress. This will be a fantastic opportunity for the right person.”

Bouchard-Hall commented, “I would like to thank the Board of USA Cycling for their partnership and support of our work the last few years. In particular, I thank Chairman Bob Stapleton and Vice-Chairman Alex Nieroth for their mentorship, guidance, and friendship.”




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