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EKOÏ introduces new JUST FOR HER women’s cycling range

French apparel and accessories specialist EKOÏ has been designing and producing apparel for cyclists, mountain bikers and triathletes for 17 years. The company adds that it provides athletes with ‘modern, elegant and most of all, super functional outfits.’ Aiming to expand on this, a new women’s range, JUST FOR HER, has been unveiled for spring/summer 2018.

A third of EKOI’s customers on the web are reportedly women, who ‘buy for their companions, their fathers, their brothers, and above all for themselves!’ Sometimes counting for up to 25% of sportive entrants in the Netherlands or in Germany, the company adds that ‘their desire to get appropriate products and clever design convinced Jean Christophe Rattel, the founder of EKOI, to offer them the best of his brand design.’

The new range includes jersey, shorts, bib shorts, skinsuit and accessories such as helmet, gloves and arm warmers as well as clothing – including a water repellent jersey and sleeveless gilet.

The new EKOÏ JUST FOR HER collection claims ‘perfect design, premium quality, and a variety of technical extras for enhanced comfort such as the removable short’s shoulder straps, specifically designed pads, including three different types of gel chamois according to weight, or the helmet, designed to comfortably fit women’s longer hair or for those with pony tails.’




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