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EnduranceChat #3: Dean Jackson, HUUB


Interviewer: Gary Roethenbaugh – Video: David Townsend

For the third instalment of our EnduranceChat sessions with industry representatives, we caught up at the Triathlon Show: London / London Bike Show with Dean Jackson, founder and owner at HUUB. Starting off with an explanation of how he broke his collar bone, Dean talked through a range of themes pertinent to today’s endurance sport industry.

Dean talked about consumer expos, the challenges and opportunities facing the multisport industry, ownership swapping, key markets for expansion, the importance of international markets and building the HUUB brand. He also spoke about the shifting of demographics, concerns around the recruitment and engagement with younger consumers as well as other industry brands he admired.

The discussion also revolved around a variety of other subject areas, from product pricing to value product offerings, pulling new athletes into the sport as well as the beauty of simplified logos!

Derby, UK-based HUUB notes that it is now planning a ‘major expansion and increased research and development in its ranges following another year of sales growth.’

With ongoing research & development and product launches, including nine patented or trademarked features, HUUB has reported substantial growth in the UK and internationally across 20 other countries. HUUB cites increased sales – from £1.6 million in 2015/2016 to £3.35 million in 2017. Sales are forecast to top £4.1 million in 2018.



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