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Enhanced wrist-based heart rate & run power in Polar Vantage V and M multisport watches


Polar has confirmed the release of its new Vantage V and M multisport watches. The Vantage V is geared toward elite athletes (or those who aspire to be at this level); and Vantage M is positioned as an affordable, multi-sport option for athletes who compete and are focused on improving their performance.

Features include:

New heart rate technology: Polar’s new watches feature Precision Prime, billed as the only wrist-based HR technology that integrates three sensors for faster, and more accurate readings. It incorporates nine optical channels, a 3D accelerometer, and four electrode sensors measure skin contact.

Battery life: Polar Vantage V offers an impressive 40 hours of training time (e.g. with full heart rate and GPS usage) and Polar Vantage M offers 30 hours.

Running power from the wrist: Polar Vantage V is claimed to be the first watch in the world to offer running power from the wrist. The measurement is proprietary to Polar and offers ‘an easy-to-understand number (in watts) so runners can understand how much power they’re producing.’

New smart coaching features: Training Load Pro and Recovery Pro (in Vantage V only) let athletes know when they’re under-training, have a productive session, or are at risk for over-training/injury. Insights are visually coded, and easy to read on the watches directly following a training session.

Coaching planning & connectivity: Polar Flow for Coach has been updated to allow coaches develop seasonal training calendars. Coaches can create workouts within Polar Flow and add them to an athlete’s training calendar. Athletes upload daily training sessions, follow along via the watch, and sync with Flow to share data back with the coach/trainer.

Polar Vantage V
Polar notes that this watch has the most accurate wrist-based heart rate to date, and features advanced metrics and coaching features such as Training Load Pro, Recovery Pro and wrist-based running power.

Polar Vantage V introduces Polar’s Precision Prime wrist-based fusion heart rate technology, as well as Polar’s new wrist-based running power. Developed for athletes and coaches who demand the highest level of sport performance, Polar Vantage V comes equipped with exclusive Smart Coaching features such as Training Load Pro and Recovery Pro, as well as a new Polar Coach interface. The waterproof, GPS-enabled watch features an always-on colour touch screen display, offers accurate data across a more than 130 sport profiles and provides an ultra-long battery life with up to 40 hours of continuous training.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Polar Precision Prime, which is the only heart rate technology that integrates three sensor types to deliver leading wrist-based heart rate,” saids Sanna Merio, Segment Manager at Polar. “Precision Prime uses nine optical channels that deploy two colours and wavelengths of light to extract data from different layers in the skin.

“In addition to the 3D accelerometer, we’ve also incorporated new electrode sensors that measure sensor-skin contact. These advancements mean a faster response time, more sensitivity for readings, and much higher accuracy and reliability for wrist-based heart rate.”

Polar has developed advanced Smart Coaching metrics for athletes in Polar Vantage V: Training Load Pro and Recovery Pro. Here, Polar is bringing together muscular load, perceived load and cardiovascular load into one, holistic view of training load. The new features monitor training load from each session, measure balance between strain and tolerance in the long-term, and help athletes recognize personal limits by informing them when they’re overtraining, undertraining or are right on track.

For added measure, Recovery Pro, exclusive to Polar Vantage V, provides an understanding of the balance between training and recovery by measuring daily and long-term recovery.

As an added benefit, Polar Vantage V provides Polar’s free Polar Flow for Coach online service, which allows coaches to develop robust training plans that sync with an athlete’s Flow account and Polar Vantage V.

Vantage V also touts a variety of performance and Smart Coaching features including:

  • Running Index: Provides a straightforward number that scores running performance. Running Index automatically provides an estimate of a runner’s Running Vo2max score based on their submaximal or typical runs.
  • Running Program: Polar’s free, personalized and adaptive training program that offers daily, tailored workouts for athletes of all levels targeting distances from 5k to marathon.
  • Polar Sleep Plus: Automatically detects the timing, amount, and quality of sleep and provides feedback for improvement.
  • Daily Activity and Continuous Heart Rate: Combines activity and heart rate data to calculate daily calorie burn outside of training, and offers a comprehensive view on everyday life, accurate calorie consumption and activity data.
  • Swim Metrics: Tracks indoor and outdoor swimming sessions with metrics such as stroke rate and distance.

Polar Vantage V is available now for pre-order at www.polar.com/vantage/v for US$499.90/€499.90. The heart rate set, which includes Polar Vantage V and Polar H10 heart rate monitor, is available for $549.90/€549.90. The watch comes in a variety of colours including black, white, and orange in sizes medium and large. Small bands are also available for US$9.90/€9.90.



Polar Vantage M
Alongside the V variant, Polar has introduces Polar Vantage M, an ‘all-in-one sport watch with advanced heart rate for goal-oriented athletes.’ The watch incorporates advanced metrics like Training Load Pro and proprietary Precision Prime wrist-based heart rate fusion technology for athletes with long-term performance goals.

‘Intended for athletes who strive to constantly improve and push the limits of their personal performance’, Vantage M offers the ability to customize by 130+ sports, allowing athletes to focus improvement by sport category. The lightweight, waterproof design ensures optimal comfort in any sport as well as a clear, always-on colour display. Even with GPS tracking and an always-on heart rate monitoring feature, Polar Vantage M offers an impressive ultra-long and ultra-light battery that offers 30 hours of continuous training.

Included features:

  • Polar Precision Prime
  • Training Load Pro
  • More planning and insights with Polar Flow for Coach
  • Smart coaching & additional features
  • Running Index
  • Running Program
  • Polar Sleep Plus
  • Daily Activity and Continuous Heart Rate
  • Swim Metrics

Vantage M is available for pre-order today at Polar.com for US$279.95/€279.90. Sizes S-M come with black or white straps, and sizes M-L come with black, white, or red straps. Accessory bands, featuring woven textile from recycled PET materials, are available in white melange, orange and petrol for US$29.90/€29.90.



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