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ENVE extends rim brake Smart ENVE System with SES 5.6 tubeless compatible wheelset


ENVE has expanded its Smart ENVE System (SES) rim brake wheel offering with the introduction of the rim brake compatible SES 5.6. The SES 5.6 supersedes the SES 4.5 with the inclusion of the latest SES aero shaping, ENVE construction and tubeless tyre compatibility.

“While the bulk of SES development has swung towards disc brakes in recent years, we’ve spent the better part of the last 11 years refining the art of carbon brake track design and continue to do so today,” said ENVE’s VP of Product and Consumer Experience Jake Pantone.

“As such, we believe that for riders, who are on the fence about a disc brake upgrade, should consider the additional performance available by upgrading to an ENVE SES rim brake wheelset versus buying a new disc bike without ENVE wheels. Specifically, the SES 5.6 offers more speed, more stability, and inspires confidence unlike any other wheelset we’ve produced to date, it’s the pinnacle of road racing rim technology.”



Designed and manufactured to ‘meet the demands of the world’s best road racers and triathletes’, the SES 5.6 is ENVE’s new medium depth aero wheelset. The SES 5.6 was raced by Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka throughout the 2018 Tour de France. The rim shape of the SES 5.6 is built upon the foundational principles of previous SES wheel models. As such, the geometries between the front and back rims are different.

The front rim is wider and shallower to reduce the trade-offs between drag reduction and variable cross wind stability. The back rim is marginally deeper and narrower to maximize drag reduction. Specifically, the SES 5.6 features a 54mm deep by 29mm wide front rim and 63mm deep by 28mm wide rear rim.

In addition to the dissimilarities in rim geometries, ENVE adds that the SES 5.6 rim shape is unique from front to back. According to Aerodynamicist Simon Smart, “With the first-generation SES wheels, both the front and back rims have the same rim shape from front to back. By further manipulating the rim shapes to perform in their given air-flow fields, front of the bike versus back of the bike, we can make wheels more efficient, stable, responsive and confidence inspiring.”

In addition to the aerodynamic improvements that accompany the SES 5.6, the new wheelset is also road tubeless compatible. Given the racing bias of the wheelset, it has been optimized around labelled 25mm tyres. By replacing the SES 4.5, all ENVE SES wheelsets are now road tubeless compatible.

While the new SES 5.6 replaces ENVE’s popular SES 4.5 as the flagship road race wheel, ENVE adds that the popular SES 4.5 will remain in the line as a legacy product for cyclists with older bikes incompatible with the wider geometry of the latest SES designs.

ENVE’s new SES 5.6 rims and wheelsets are available as both tubular and tubeless-clincher models. The SES 5.6 Clincher is now shipping to US consumers and will be available globally along with the Tubular version by the end of September.



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