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Events.com delivers improved event management tools with customizable dashboards


Events.com, a leading global event management platform, notes that it ‘delivers the data insights event managers need with customizable dashboards’ for events.

The event overview dashboard gives each user on an event management team a customizable view of event data, so they can see the information most relevant to them. Events.com adds that it understands that every event varies and everyone needs to see data differently…

‘Sales, marketing, operations and sponsorship teams each want specific data quickly – the customizable event overview dashboard delivers.’

“At Events.com we always operate with our clients’ needs in mind, understanding there are macro and micro needs that change daily,” said Francisco Almendares, Vice President of Customer Success and Sales Operations at Events.com. “We build tools to support both, adding value every step of the way. Our customizable dashboards allow each individual on an event management team to build a view of the KPIs most important to them, providing focus and operational efficiency.”

Customizable Dashboard Highlights:

  • Customizable: Users select which statistics they want to see in the overview dashboard – from revenue and ticket sales, to attendee demographics and top traffic sources, and more.
  • Quick Filters: Filters such as registration/ticket type and date allow for slicing and dicing of data.
  • Clear Visuals: Enhanced data visualization graphics help make it easy to digest information.
  • User-Specific: Each user is able to add or remove data blocks as they see fit, ensuring they always have access to the data they need, without the clutter of what they don’t.

Event organizers can access the new dashboard by logging into their Events.com account.

Events.com is a mobile-first event management and registration platform that helps organizers manage, market and monetize ‘everything from low-key fundraisers to massive festivals and marathons’. With its end-to-end event management solutions, including sponsorship tools, Events.com gives organizers access to a suite of tools at every step of planning.



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