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Extended title sponsorship and new developments for Garmin Titan Desert 2019


A number of new initiatives have been confirmed for next year’s edition of the stage MTB race, Garmin Titan Desert 2019, which is scheduled to take place next year in Morocco from 28th April to 3rd May.

Last year’s agreement between race organiser RPM-MKTG, a Spanish sports event agency, and the French company Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.) has said to have ‘taken the Garmin Titan Desert to a whole new dimension’.

There is a new graphic identity for the race. Coupled with this, Race Technical Director Manuel Tajada has presented some of the initiatives planned for 2019. As well as the Garmin stage, which leaves riders without tracking from the organisers and requires them to navigate their way through four checkpoints and three hydration stations, the race will feature navigation sections in an extra two stages out of the six that make up the event.

‘This new challenge will add extra spice to the Garmin Titan Desert adventure. The race will start in Merzouga, heading southwards to travel along new tracks and cross over new dunes, before finishing in Maadid. The closing stages will feature most of the positive gradient to be tackled on the race.’



Garmin, the world’s leading brand in mobile navigation and navigation systems for vehicles, mobile phones, sailing and sports will be the title sponsor of the race for the next three years. Salvador Alcover, the Managing Director of Garmin Iberia, added that he was delighted to extend the company’s partnership with a race like the Garmin Titan Desert.

Alcover said, “After more than six years supporting the race, we wanted to reinforce this partnership by becoming the title sponsor. We believe that this event perfectly portrays values that are dear to us at Garmin and we want to keep on providing our backing to one of the best competitions to challenge personal limitations.

“The Garmin Titan Desert requires effort, a push beyond limitations and a lot of training. This is why Garmin keeps working on providing the best services and initiatives to the participants before and during the race. Knowing that the participants went home with a feeling of pride and that they accomplished an exceptional challenge is our prime motivation to help them reach the finish line.”

Registration on time to
Registration for the 2019 edition is open on A.S.O.’s time to platform. The company adds that its interactive platform allows registration in just a few clicks and offers advice for preparation, as well as personalised support right up until the start of the race.

Titan Desert General Manager Félix Dot stressed that, “A new era starts for the Titan Desert, a new path that won’t merely concern our visual identity. We are working on providing a unique experience to the participants, with new services, especially on the bivouacs, without giving up on our values and on the Titan Spirit that built up our reputation, like nomads travelling through the oasis and the dunes of Morocco.”

RPM-MKTG CEO Juan Porcar said that, “After 13 years of adventure and the arrival of A.S.O., the Garmin Titan Desert 2019 enters a new dimension. The race will be broadcast on TV in more than 200 countries and this international coverage of the race will surely encourage new participants to be at the starting line of the 2019 edition.”



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